Monday, June 30, 2014

June Catch Up

Yes, another monthly catch up post!  And still no camera battery…

While in Oceanside, Kenzie went to the beach for the first time and got her toes sandy.  The very next weekend, Jeff did the same mud run again but with a group from work.


We celebrated Shannon’s birthday and tried to get a new cousin picture.


Kenzie turned 11 months and we started planning for her birthday party the next month.


We all went to Hailey and Noelle’s first ballet recital, then Shannon and I went to Vanessa’s baby shower and later that night Jeff and I went to a rugby came with Danny and Angela.  All in one day!

We celebrated Jeff’s 1st father’s day and later that week got a little surprise!!

That’s it for June!  July was a busy month – Kenzie’s 1st birthday, stay tuned.