Sunday, August 30, 2015

Summer Days

Playing catch up!  I can’t believe this was almost 1 year ago.  Our girls look so little, Avery didn’t even have teeth!


We loved spending special time with just Kenzie at Disneyland.  And she loved going on the rides and meeting the princesses!


We also loved walking down to our local farmer’s market (no longer around this year!) although Avery and Kenz didn’t enjoy the crowded ride!


And I honestly can’t remember where taken but my little Bean is adorable!


Saturday, August 22, 2015

Happy 1st Birthday Dempsey!

The youngest boy, and the first in the mix of a ton of girls, turned 1 so it was time to celebrate! 

iphone 5 pictures 8-23-15 030

Since he was fortunate enough to be born in the summer, a pool party was the perfect thing!  The backyard was decorated so fun! 

iphone 5 pictures 8-23-15 009iphone 5 pictures 8-23-15 010

iphone 5 pictures 8-23-15 020iphone 5 pictures 8-23-15 024

They had a station to make paper leis and even a photo booth to take pictures on surfboards.  Kenzie’s still learning how to surf.  Winking smile

iphone 5 pictures 8-23-15 025

iphone 5 pictures 8-23-15 047iphone 5 pictures 8-23-15 011iphone 5 pictures 8-23-15 019

iphone 5 pictures 8-23-15 031iphone 5 pictures 8-23-15 032

The pool was perfect to cool down from the heat.  We bought Kenzie a new life jacket, she loved being able to “swim” on her own.

iphone 5 pictures 8-23-15 038

When it came to cake, Dempsey knew exactly what to do. 

iphone 5 pictures 8-23-15 084

As we were headed out, Uncle Chad took Avery for a quick dip.  She loved splashing her feet in the water.

iphone 5 pictures 8-23-15 089iphone 5 pictures 8-23-15 091

We had so much fun, we were tired after!  Happy Birthday Dempsey!!

iphone 5 pictures 8-23-15 078

Bean’s first bite

Two days after Bean’s 6 month milestone, she tried food for the first time!  You can tell we are a little off our baby food game since we didn’t have a baby bowl or spoon.  Thank goodness for glass bowls and big sister spoons. 

jeffs iphone 9-27-15 096

jeffs iphone 9-27-15 097

Her first meal was Earth’s Best rice cereal mixed with water.  You can tell she didn’t really know what to do with it.  She kept spitting it out instead of swallowing.

jeffs iphone 9-27-15 100jeffs iphone 9-27-15 101

jeffs iphone 9-27-15 103

jeffs iphone 9-27-15 104

Since she was being such a good sport, we let her try her hand at feeding herself.

jeffs iphone 9-27-15 109jeffs iphone 9-27-15 110jeffs iphone 9-27-15 111jeffs iphone 9-27-15 112

And then she eventually just started sucking her thumb.  Her favorite!

jeffs iphone 9-27-15 113jeffs iphone 9-27-15 114jeffs iphone 9-27-15 115

Friday, August 21, 2015

Brea Fest 2015

Guess where we are!?


Brea Fest!  This was Bean’s first time and Kenzie’s 3rd.  Usually it’s just Jeff, Shannon and myself but we had some extra company this year. 


My dad was able to get the girls earlier in the day so this was one of their first times coming. 


It was a little stressful with a very scheduled Bean but we made it home not too much past her bedtime.  Can’t wait until next year when Bean will be able to eat the food!

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Avery 6 Months

Dear Avery,

I cannot believe how time is flying by.  My sweet baby is already 6 months old!  You are half way to being 1 year old.  Slow down sweet girl!

jeffs iphone 9-27-15 059

At your 6 month check up you weighed in at 16.5lbs!  Such a big girl.  We had plans to start you on food, but since your diaper rash is pretty persistent, we’ll need to wait until it clears up.

jeffs iphone 9-27-15 062

Speaking of your diaper rash, since the doctor identified something else we had to treat, your rash went left to be treated on my own.  I tried everything to help it.  Bigger diapers, cloth wipes (which I ended up loving), different formula, all.the.diaper.cream.  But nothing worked.  Thankfully, right before you turned 6 months we got a prescription cream that started working within 24 hours!

jeffs iphone 9-27-15 078

A big milestone-you sat up for the first time!  You have been so wanting to be more and more in the mix with big sister, I feel this will make you very happy!

jeffs iphone 9-27-15 087

This upcoming month is going to be a big one!  Bring on the food!!

Saturday, August 15, 2015

A Medieval Birthday

Since the older nieces decided to celebrate their birthdays separately, we all went to Medieval Times for Brooky’s party.  I cannot believe she is 10 years old!


Since we were pretty sure Avery wouldn’t sit through the show, Jeff stayed home with her.  Thanks babe!  Brooky had a special knighting right before the show.


It was a pretty hot day and I kept thinking, it’s going to be cooler in the arena for the horses.  WRONG!  It was pretty warm in the arena too.  Thankfully, it didn’t bother the girls and Kenzie had a GREAT time!

iphone 5 pictures 8-16-15 012iphone 5 pictures 8-16-15 013

iphone 5 pictures 8-16-15 014iphone 5 pictures 8-16-15 015

We were cheering on the GREEN knight, hence the green hue to the pictures above.  Most of the show was entertaining.  There were some slow parts but not too bad.

iphone 5 pictures 8-16-15 024iphone 5 pictures 8-16-15 019

iphone 5 pictures 8-16-15 020iphone 5 pictures 8-16-15 021

iphone 5 pictures 8-16-15 030

Mackenzie loved cheering and waving her banner.  And eating chicken off the bone, lol.

iphone 5 pictures 8-16-15 032iphone 5 pictures 8-16-15 034

iphone 5 pictures 8-16-15 043

iphone 5 pictures 8-16-15 055iphone 5 pictures 8-16-15 056

Our knight won the first round and ended up “perishing” the second.  Oh well, win some, lose some.  Happy birthday Brooklyn!!