Sunday, July 26, 2015

And because we’re crazy

After our fair fiasco, what not better thing to do but then go to Disneyland.  Thankfully Shannon stayed home with Bean so it was a little less crazy.  We opted to walk vs taking the tram so we rode in the Monorail.  Kenzie’s first time!


Whenever we go, we try to do something new or something we haven’t done in awhile.  The line was short to meet the Fairies so something new #2 it was!


The girl who was monitoring the line was very sweet and kept Mackenzie entertained while we waited our turn. 

Jeffs Iphone 138120150726_084228

What I love about these meet the character lines is that they do so much more than smile and take a picture.  They spend easily 2-3 minutes chatting and even though Kenzie is pretty quiet, don’t cut her time. 


20150726_084424Jeffs Iphone 1383Jeffs Iphone 1384Jeffs Iphone 138620150726_084542

We enjoyed a spin around the teacups.

20150726_09115320150726_09115620150726_091201Jeffs Iphone 1387

Shannon was sure to capture some sweet pictures of Bean. 

iphone 5 pictures 7-26-15 101iphone 5 pictures 7-26-15 102iphone 5 pictures 7-26-15 104

She has the craziest bed head after waking up from a nap or bedtime.

iphone 5 pictures 7-26-15 105iphone 5 pictures 7-26-15 106

As a thank you Aunty Shannon came over for dinner and we caught Kenzie and Avery playing together.  So sweet!

Saturday, July 25, 2015

OC Fair

Jeff and I typically go to the LA County Fair but we made a special trip to the OC Fair with the family.  In hindsight, I don’t know what we were thinking.  It was in the 90’s, Bean had major diaper rash and needed to be changed immediately and we went right smack in the middle of what should have been Kenzie’s nap time.  Thankfully we only paid $2 per person.

Bean had her lunch bottle in the car on the way over.  She’s so cute!

iphone 5 pictures 7-26-15 048iphone 5 pictures 7-26-15 049iphone 5 pictures 7-26-15 052iphone 5 pictures 7-26-15 053iphone 5 pictures 7-26-15 054

While we were in line buying tickets to get in, Bean pooped.  And because her rash was so bad, I was freaking out looking for a bathroom.  So while Danny & the girls went through a World’s Largest Snake exhibit, I tracked down a bathroom to change a poopy diaper. 

iphone 5 pictures 7-26-15 055

Once Bean had a clean diaper, we went through one of the exhibit halls that had a bunch of reptiles to view.  By then we were expecting Chad and Crystal to arrive so we hung out by the food-yum, and got some icees to cool us down.

iphone 5 pictures 7-26-15 063iphone 5 pictures 7-26-15 065

iphone 5 pictures 7-26-15 061iphone 5 pictures 7-26-15 069iphone 5 pictures 7-26-15 070

After a few minutes CCHN arrived and all the cousins posed for a picture. 

iphone 5 pictures 7-26-15 071

And then Kenzie fell.  And started crying and needed a nap.  And Bean needed another diaper change.  We changed Bean’s diaper (this time found an actual baby changing center-the best thing ever) and then headed out.  No rides, no games, no animals.  Just snakes and an icee. 

iphone 5 pictures 7-26-15 072

Thank goodness we have the LA Fair to try it all over again!

iphone 5 pictures 7-26-15 083

Monday, July 20, 2015

Pirate’s Table

Jeff and I have been wanting to get Kenzie a water table for a long time.  She loves to use the stopper in the sink and just splash and talk away.  Jeff found one on Amazon that had good reviews and prime shipping.  Two days later, she had her pirate’s ship!


Since it was warm out, we took it to the garage, filled it with some water and let her play. 

Jeffs Iphone 1368

Jeffs Iphone 1369

Jeffs Iphone 1370

She loved it!  So much that she was drenched from reaching over to get toys. 

Jeffs Iphone 1372

Jeffs Iphone 1373

Jeffs Iphone 1374

Jeffs Iphone 1375

Jeffs Iphone 1376

It was one of the best purchases made for her! 

It’s a little sad when you can tell she’s growing up.  She’s into picking out her clothes and shoes.  Is very particular about the color rubber band in her hair.  And here she is singing to her reflection. 

iphone 5 pictures 7-26-15 011

iphone 5 pictures 7-26-15 012

Avery 5 Months

My sweet girl!

iphone 5 pictures 7-26-15 018

I cannot believe it’s been five quick months since you’ve been born.  You were 8lbs 4oz that day in February and now you are a whooping 15lbs 8oz!  We split up your vaccines so you had two visits of shots but you did great!

iphone 5 pictures 7-26-15 022iphone 5 pictures 7-26-15 019

This month was definitely the month where you went from being content to just hang out in your carseat to hating it!  Sarah was able to take you to the movies early this month but by the end of it, you wanted to talk and play.  The same with our church visit.  The first one you slept through the whole service.  The second, up and vocal!

iphone 5 pictures 7-26-15 024iphone 5 pictures 7-26-15 025

Probably the biggest milestone you hit this month, rolling over!  It took you awhile but you got the hang of it eventually.  You also found your toes and love to suck on them.  This is new for mom and dad to see, big sister was not that flexible!

iphone 5 pictures 7-26-15 030iphone 5 pictures 7-26-15 031

You celebrated your first 4th of July and went on a family vacation to 3 Rivers.  One of the spots mommy went to when she was young. 

iphone 5 pictures 7-26-15 034

You can see the bumper in these sister pics, that’s because you are completely in your crib and doing great.  Apparently you love sleep (for now) and enjoy having a dark, quiet room.  Mommy is slightly dreading crawling as this might impact your sleep. 

iphone 5 pictures 7-26-15 041

You and sister have different color hair but are starting to slowly look more alike!  I love you my sweet Bean!

iphone 5 pictures 7-26-15 046