Monday, July 20, 2015

Pirate’s Table

Jeff and I have been wanting to get Kenzie a water table for a long time.  She loves to use the stopper in the sink and just splash and talk away.  Jeff found one on Amazon that had good reviews and prime shipping.  Two days later, she had her pirate’s ship!


Since it was warm out, we took it to the garage, filled it with some water and let her play. 

Jeffs Iphone 1368

Jeffs Iphone 1369

Jeffs Iphone 1370

She loved it!  So much that she was drenched from reaching over to get toys. 

Jeffs Iphone 1372

Jeffs Iphone 1373

Jeffs Iphone 1374

Jeffs Iphone 1375

Jeffs Iphone 1376

It was one of the best purchases made for her! 

It’s a little sad when you can tell she’s growing up.  She’s into picking out her clothes and shoes.  Is very particular about the color rubber band in her hair.  And here she is singing to her reflection. 

iphone 5 pictures 7-26-15 011

iphone 5 pictures 7-26-15 012