Thursday, July 9, 2015

Happy 2nd Birthday Mackenzie

Dear Mackenzie,

Jeffs Iphone 1343

I cannot believe you are 2 years old.  You are the spunkiest little girl I know.  You’ve gone from being an only child to being a GREAT big sister.  You love to be silly and goofy and enjoy making people laugh.  You also have a temper though and will push the limits when you don’t get your way.

You are slowly looking more and more like a little kid instead of a toddler.  I love see you learn and grow but man I’m going to miss you looking like a baby. 

Your current favorite movie is anything Toy Story, hence the homemade birthday tank & the Buzz Lightyear toy in that red bag.  You say a ton of words and love to carry on conversations that are half baby talk and half real words. 

You are a great eater and eat most things.  Although Daddy is always worried that you are on the lower end of the weight percentile.  Mommy just knows it’s because you run around playing all day. 

Sleeping will never be our (Mom and Dad’s) friend.  You are definitely a codependent sleeper and love to cuddle (sideways!) with Mommy and Dada in bed.  I’m counting down the days until Bean is older enough to sleep with you.

And just a short trip down memory lane – when you were first born.


And from your first birthday.


My crazy girl, we love you with all our hearts.  Happy 2nd birthday!!