Thursday, July 9, 2015

Three Rivers

This year we joined the family on the annual Three Rivers trip.  My family has been going to the Kaweah Resort campground in Three Rivers for years, since before I was born!  I wanted to take Kenzie at least once since she loves being outdoors.  We headed to the campground on her 2nd birthday, what a fun way to celebrate with the whole family.

We got there pretty early and our tenters were able to set up their sites rather quickly.  We opted to stay in a cabin since we had Bean.





Kenzie immediately started exploring her surroundings and collecting a ton of “rockies”.  She even found one big enough to sit on.  Her cousins got her a kitty book for her birthday and she just plopped down to read it.


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Whenever her cousins are around, she always tries to keep up with them.  So balancing on the curb was a new “big girl” thing she learned.  So cute!

Jeffs Iphone 1347Jeffs Iphone 1348

Once we were unpacked, we headed down to the water to check it out.  I made the mistake of thinking Kenzie would hang back.  Nope, straight into the water she went.

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iphone 5 pictures 7-13-15 012

We had dinner and then played some birthday games for Kenzie’s birthday.  She wanted all the badges for herself. 

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Bean preferred to watch. 

iphone 5 pictures 7-13-15 020

Our group was split half in cabins and half in tents.  The way we booked, all three tent sites were next to each other.  Unfortunately another group came and took a large area in between Danny’s and Chad’s tent sites.  The group was part of a family reunion which made the last minute site, loud and obnoxious.  Danny stuck it out the first night on his site to see how loud it was, spoiler alert-it was loud.