Wednesday, September 24, 2014

LA County Fair

The day after Disneyland, we made our annual trip to the LA County Fair.  We normally go on a Saturday during the day but the weather had been so hot (in the 100’s) so we made the decision to go on a Friday evening after work.  My dad was able to join us too.

When we got there, we almost immediately ran into my aunt and tata.  They had come with their family and my nana.  We grabbed some dinner and hung out with them for a bit.

Right by where we ate was the large two story carousal.  Papa paid for all the granddaughters and great niece to go on.  They loved it!




After that we headed over to walk through the different animals and then bought her some fresh milk, she drank the most she’s drank before!


After that we split up and Jeff, Shannon, Kenz and my dad headed through the exhibits.  We went through most of them and ended up leaving close to 11pm.  I really enjoyed going in the evening vs the scorching day, but it was a loooong day too. 

A couple of weeks later, my mom came down and we went to the fair again.  This time it was in the middle of the week – Chino Day – so we got in for only $5 each!  It was pretty empty and we went through all the exhibits to stay cool.  We even went through the arts & craft exhibits.



The short time we were outside, we walked through the circus area and Jeff and Kenzie fed a camel.  She was a little apprehensive but did great.  She obviously takes after Jeff.  Winking smile

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Kenzie’s 1st Trip to Disneyland

Our big surprise for Kenzie for her 1st birthday was to take her to Disneyland.  Unfortunately, since she was so sick, we had to postpone our trip.  Finally in September, we were able to head to Anaheim to introduce her to the Happiest Place on Earth.

Once we were there, we stopped for some pictures to commemorate her first trip.  Unfortunately they didn’t have any “1st Visit” buttons at city hall.  She was a little unsure about everything but overall did okay.



Can you tell what rides we were able to get on?





The sun was out and it was H-O-T.  We also went during Kenzie’s regularly scheduled nap time so we knew we were on borrowed time. 

A couple of days later we headed to Disneyland again, it was hot again and I was still in a lot of discomfort from my ER visit the day before.  We didn’t stay long but were able to see some of the Halloween decorations that they started to put up.



IMG_2772 IMG_2774





We’re hoping to go back in October once the decorations are completed!