Saturday, August 31, 2013

Disneyland Half Expo

The Disneyland Half Expo opened on Friday.  Since Jeff was running the 10k and I’m still on leave, I convinced Shannon to go with me to pick up his packet.  I was a little nervous since it has been so hot and Kenzie is little but I figured with the extra help, it should be ok.

We headed down to the expo around 11am and it was crowded!  The Downtown Disney parking lot was already full so we were forced into the structure.  Kenzie got to take her first tram ride though!


Once we walked to the Disneyland Hotel we found out what DD was full.  The line to just get your bib was huge!! After a long wait we made it in to pick up Jeff’s bib.


After that wait, we headed into the Expo itself to pick up his shirt.  The expo was so crowded and I’m still not used to pushing a stroller (I was worried for people’s toes) so we called it a day and headed to ESPN Zone for some lunch. 


Kenzie did really well.  She fussed a little because we had to wait for some warm water to warm up her bottle but once she ate, she was fine. 

Thanks to Auntie Shannon for spending the whole day with us!  I would have had a nervous breakdown without the help!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Visiting Nana and Tata

Since we don’t live within walking distance, Jeff suggested we spend the afternoon down my Nana & Tata’s so they could visit with Kenzie.  We ended up barbecuing and Chad & the little nieces joined us.




At one point I dared Noelle to sit in Kenzie’s car seat.  She’s always up for a good dare. 


Where were the older nieces?  At the beach!  #opp



Crystal, you should really join instagram…

And some miscellaneous Kenzie pics.  Jeff loves to take her with him when he runs his errands.  Both to the market and Babies R Us.


We swaddle Kenz at night and the other morning I woke up to the below picture.  Our little girl got her entire arm out of her swaddle!!



And her first official night in her crib.  Lasted 30 minutes.  Oh well…


And a picture from Aunty Shannon-too cute!!


Thursday, August 22, 2013

He’s messing up my schedule

One of my favorite times of the day is when Jeff comes home.  By then Kenzie is ready to hear another voice and I’m ready to talk to an adult.  As soon as Jeff comes home, he takes Kenzie and spends some quality time with her.  Including right before her final feeding before bed.  How do they spend quality time?



Yep, he baby whispers Kenzie and they sleep on the couch together.  They were both out cold just now.  Jeff’s snoring and Kenzie didn’t stir when I took 7 pictures trying to get a good shot. 

She’s supposed to eat at 8:45 and this was taken at 8:20…I don’t think she’s going to wake up.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

I’m thoroughly impressed…

and disgusted.  But before we get to that, let’s take a look at Kenzie’s “first time at Costco” outfit. 


Some outtakes…


Now for the reason for the title.  See that face?  There is a story behind that now happy face. 


All day today Kenzie had been super fussy.  Without going into too much detail, Jeff and I gave her something to aid her digestive system along yesterday but for some reason it may not have been enough.  After a short call to Jeff, I decided to put on my big girl pants and give her some help on my own. 

It went okay, she didn’t cry and within seconds she had some relief.  As I was changing the diaper, she went again all over my hand.  And then…she poo’d across the entire room.  (I’ll save you some gagging and not enlarge the below pics.  But if you want to examine them for detail, just click on it to enlarge.)





Yep, easily a 6 foot distance.  I had to dismantle my diaper cake earlier than I thought.  And it took me all afternoon, in between naps to clean it up. 

See…impressive, but gross.  Smile

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Brea Fest 2013

It has been a crazy week!  We are slowly getting into more of a schedule but it’s still a little sleep deprived.  For example, I just wrote the title of this post as Brea Fest 2011.  Haha. 

It’s crazy how quickly we’ve all adapted to having a fourth family member in the house.  Chloe has taken over some of Mackenzie’s toys, thank goodness it’s washable!


The best times are those that Jeff is home with us.  It’s great to have the extra pair of hands and Kenzie loves her daddy! #matchinghairlines




Yesterday we woke up bright and early & Kenzie hung out in her crib for a bit (like 3 minutes).


After going through our morning routine, Kenzie graced me with one of her cute smiles and then promptly knocked out.



Her and Chloe slept like that for at least an hour.  Chloe loves her little sister!  Shannon came over for a bit to let me get ready. You could tell Kenzie hit her picture limit by the afternoon. Winking smile


We had plans to head to Brea Fest in the evening.  This was the first outing we’d be going to with Kenzie that was outdoors and sort of loud.  The only places we’d ventured out to were local restaurants that we could leave and be home in about 10 minutes. 

We left the house around 6pm, swung by and picked up my dad and then headed down to Brea.  We met up with these cuties (and the rest of the families) and then began to eat our way through the night. 


I was worried that Kenzie would fuss since the event has a DJ and live band playing music.  It can get super loud next to the band but Kenzie slept through the entire thing.  Blaring music and all. 





We called it a night around 8:30pm.  Unfortunately Kenzie didn’t get the memo and stayed awake until 11:00pm (payback for making her sleep during a loud band).  We can’t wait until next year when Kenzie is a little older and will be able to taste the food with us!

Friday, August 9, 2013

1 Month in the Books


Today you are 1 month old!


The last month has been a whirlwind!  You came into this world with a little drama and have kept it up for the month.  You’ve been admitted not once but twice into Peds and have spent a total of 8 days there during your 1st month. 


You did great meeting your big sister and all four of your cousins.  They all love holding you and I can’t wait to see you play with them when you get older.




Eating has been rocky this first month.  While we were trying to fatten you up, some other issues came up that landed you in Peds for the second time.  You are a very pukey baby and I find myself moving you like you are going to break puke any second.  Because of this we have a ton of burp cloths & bibs.  Thankfully it seems like you are becoming a better eater & when I weighed you at home are approximately 8.5lbs!



During the first half of the month you slept most of the day.  However, towards the end of your first month you have become more active during the day.  We’ve made sure to get lots of girl talk in and time in your swing & on your play mat.  Chloe especially loves it when you are on your play mat since she can get extra close. 




When it is time to go to sleep, Daddy is still the king of cuddling you until you are out. 



You have had 4 poop explosions this month!!  It never fails that just as I have your diaper off, you decide it’s the perfect time to “go”.  Most of the time it’s your middle of the night changes.  All the time, it’s been impressive.  You are also the queen of peeing in a fresh diaper, minutes after it’s been changed.  At least you are predictable in this. 



Just like the books say, you are beginning to lift your head when we put you on your belly.  You are getting stronger and stronger every day.  Another big milestone…you took your first nap in your crib.  It was a short one and Mommy stared at the monitor the entire time, but it’s one step closer to you being a big girl!


This last month has been a whirlwind but we love getting to know you.  You perfectly complete our tiny little family!