Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Our last pre-run

2 miles done…only 2 days to go.


Uh…what’s going on with that picture?  LOL. 

As soon as we came home for our run, Chloe was so excited to see us and even posed for some cute pictures.  She never poses!



Love that dog!!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

3 Days Left

The countdown is continuing and we only have 3 days left until our 5k on Saturday. 

I’m so excited that our first 5k will be through not 1 but 2 Disney parks!!  Last night we did an easy run and only have one more run this week before the big day. 


Friday is packet pick up and then we are heading into the park for the last time before our passes expire. 

Now if only the next 2 days weren’t so busy at work…grrr…

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Chloe’s New Clothes

I was visiting Danny and the girls when Brooklyn went running by with one of her tank tops.  I told her to throw it in the hamper and she responded not yet, she was playing with it.


Then a few minutes later, Chloe comes running by.


Chloe is such a good sport and ran around the house with it on.  She looks so cute!!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

A day of firsts

Our second eldest niece, Kalea, had her very first day of preschool today.


All morning she was asking her mom “Are you going with me?”  Yes Kalea.

“Are you walking me to my class?”  Yes Kalea.

“Are you staying with me?”  Um, no Kalea.

When she approached her class, she saw the boys in her class running around.  She asked her mom “are there boys in my class?”  Yes Kalea. 

“Why?”  Because boys and girls go to school together here. 

“I don’t want them to.”

Sorry niecey, you will have to go to school with boys.


Brooky started 1st grade today.  Her first day of going to school for 6 hours!  It’s also her first time taking the bus home. 

Her mom kept asking her, Brooklyn what color is your bus?  “White mom.”

Brooklyn do you remember your bus color?  “White mom.”

Finally, tired of being interrupted while talking to her friends, “It’s white mom, stop bothering me I’m trying to talk to my friends!”

And so it starts…

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

He should have gotten stitches…

About 3-4 weeks prior to our family Laughlin trip, Danny went to Havasu with his buddies.

As you can imagine, libations were consumed while he was there.  Apparently while he was exiting the boat one evening, he came in contact with the boat’s propeller.

(I’m assuming you can guess what comes next.)

He cut his leg. 

And not just a small cut.  He sliced his leg a good 2 inches and yes, he should have gotten stitches.  One of the party goers proclaimed she saw the bone, amongst the blood spurting out of the wound. 

So what does Danny do?

He pours some peroxide on it, rubs some Neosporin in it and slaps on a band aid. 

By the time he comes home and goes to the doctor, it’s too late to get stiches and luckily for Danny, is healing well.  (Daniel, this could have gone a lot worse!  You could have had your leg cut off!!!)

So here is a picture of his wound about 2 weeks into healing.  It’s graphic so if you can’t handling gore, DON’T SCROLL DOWN. 


No this is not his leg, it’s Kalea.  But I’d though I’d give everyone a buffer in case they change their minds…



Only two more pictures to go…you sure you want to see it?



Far away view…


Up close and personal.


It’s a lot smaller now and healing better but man oh man it was bad. 

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Our last day on the water

During dinner on Friday night, we decided that the Chavez’s and Jeff and I would get up early Saturday morning to find a spot on the river.  We wanted the early start since the weekend rush was setting in.

We were able to snag the spot right next to the beach we were at the prior day, perfect!  The only drawback was that there were large rocks close to the shore and red ants on the beach.  We got some spray to deal with the ants and a heavy lifter to deal with the rocks.  Smile


Nana and Tata decided to stay back at the hotel for the day but the rest of the family came out to spend our last day in the sun. 

Every family brought snacks so we ended up with a huge variety.  Kalea was chowing down on the pistachios and even swimming out to Danny to give him handfuls at a time. 


When we were trying to find a spot in the morning, the sea doo was giving us a TON of trouble.  Apparently it had not been used in 5 years and finally decided to take a vacation from the Solanos. 

We did try to take it out a few times.  First Kalea took it out.



Just kidding, Danny went with her but eventually had to be towed in by Jeff. 


But then Kalea and Hailey decided to snag it for a trip of their own. 



The family…



Some time after the above picture was taken, I decided to move all the ice chests and bins into the shade.  As I was refilling the cooler, I suddenly hear “Snake!”  I looked to my left and not 2 feet away is a snake slithering towards the rocks.  I instantly reacted jumping over the cooler and one of the chairs. 

It was hilarious in hindsight but scary when it happened.  I’m glad Nana was not there!  The only casualty I had is a bruise on my toe. 

Noelle slept through the whole thing. 


IMG_1047 IMG_1048

Brooklyn joined her after awhile.  Winking smile


Before we knew it, it was time for Vanessa and Doug to head back to the shore to go home.  They were leaving a day early since they had plans for Sunday.




The snake was not the only wild animal we encountered.  There was a roadrunner hanging out on our side of the beach pretty much the whole day.


IMG_1057 IMG_1058

We packed up around 6 pm again to try to make an early dinner.  Unfortunately due to some snafus, we ended up eating late again.  Oh well, I had a margarita with dinner so didn’t mind it too much.  Smile

The next morning we got up for one last meal with the family and hit the road around noon.  (Much later than we wanted…meals seemed to always take us 2-3 hours.  We’ll need to fix that next time.)



All in all, I had way more fun that I thought I would.  The temps were always in the 100s but it wasn’t bad at all on the water.  When the breeze kicked it, I would actually start shivering!  There was some mention about coming back again next year and I would be totally for it.  Just with some better scheduling/meal planning.

Jeff and I want to say a big thank you to my dad for everything on this trip.  We really enjoyed ourselves and are very grateful! 

Monday, August 22, 2011

It’s Tubing Time!

When leaving our beach spot Thursday night, we left three pop ups out to “reserve” our spot the night before.  Unfortunately, when we made it out to the water on Friday morning, they were gone and someone else was already in our spot. 

We drove around and found a different spot that ended up being more sandy than our first spot.  Thankfully too, Chad and Crystal had just arrived to Laughlin and ran out to buy some more pop ups. 

Once we were finally all settled in, we got in the water to relax.


At one point, Kalea tied Hailey’s inner tube to the ice chest so she wouldn’t float away.  So cute.


While Noelle lounged.


Once Noelle woke up, C&C took the sea doo out for a spin. 



Then it was tubing time!!  First up Danny, Ashley and Jeff.  (Click on the picture to enlarge it.)


IMG_0769 IMG_0790

IMG_0791 IMG_0794

Next up Doug, Crystal and Jeff.


IMG_0805 IMG_0808

IMG_0812 IMG_0816

Towards the end of their ride, Crystal kept throwing up her leg.  Ashley and I were convinced she was telling us to stop so we told Dad to slow down.  Nope, she was just throwing up her leg.




It was an all boys turn.  We were a little worried that they were pushing the weight limit but it worked out.  Doug, Chad and Jeff.


Up until now, everyone had stayed in the raft.  To make things more interesting, Jeff decided to raise his arms…


And then they hit a wave and Jeff went over.



And then three became two.


We turned around to look for Jeff, can you see him?


There he is.  Smile


After seeing Jeff being thrown from the raft, I don’t know how they convinced me to get in, but they did. 

IMG_0947 IMG_0950IMG_0953

When we went back to the shore to pick up Shannon, Miss Hailey came with us.  Since Hailey is so fair, the sun started to turn her skin pink.  She covered up with Chad’s tee and her hat and was all set to keep going. 


Doug, Shannon and Danny.

IMG_0962 IMG_0974

IMG_1004 IMG_1016

And then…Hailey wanted to go.  She’s a brave two year old!!




But we did go really really slow.  Smile

We packed up around 6 pm to eat dinner at a Mexican restaurant that Nana and Tata liked.  It was a long day so Jeff and I crashed pretty early.  One more day on the river, coming up!