Saturday, January 31, 2015

Sprinkling Avery

I went back and forth with deciding to do a shower for Avery.  She was my second baby, another girl, and her and Kenz are very close in age…  But eventually Jeff reminded me that each baby is a special gift and should be celebrated.

We kept Avery’s shower low key and when searching Pinterest, I saw lots of “Baby Sprinkle” themes.  Perfect for a second baby!





I ended up being a lot warmer than we thought and the food was perfect for the warm weather.  We had sandwiches, pasta salad, fruit, cheese and crackers, mini yogurt parfaits and lots of sweets with sprinkles on them. 


We played a couple of games – a pass the gift right/left depending on the story and a what’s in your purse game.  There were multiple winners for the passing game and my MIL won the purse game.  It was close though…lesson learned, don’t ever clean out your purse before a baby shower!



While the adults were playing games, the kiddos decorated some onesies for Avery.  They all turned out so cute and I can’t wait for her to wear them!


We cut the cake after games-I was very proud of it since I decorated it myself!  And then opened gifts last.  Avery is all ready to go!


Kenzie also got a few big sister gifts.  Thank you to those who thought of my little “big” girl! 



Only 2-3 more weeks till we get to meet the littlest Loyd!

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Work Shower for Avery

My sweet co-workers through Avery a baby shower at work.  Since Avery is due close to a co-worker’s wife’s due date, we had a joint shower.  Perfect since it was the second baby for both of us and we are both having girls!


They had a yummy dessert table, I loved the cupcakes and ate the jelly beans for days after.

We were both pretty showered with gifts.  I’m only due 5 day’s before Samuel’s wife…let’s see who delivers first!

Monday, January 19, 2015

Daddy and Kenzie do Disney

One of the reasons we decided Jeff would get the parking on his pass was we anticipated he’d be doing Daddy and Kenzie Disneyland trips often.  Sure enough, Jeff and a Monday off while I worked and he and Kenz headed to Disneyland. 

It was so empty, he did a TON that day!  Including getting to see Mickey which Kenz loved.  She was blowing him kisses while they were in line waiting to see him.


As soon as it was their turn, he said he put her down and she ran over to him.

IMG952444 IMG_1208



Their next big character sighting was Princess Sofia.  She was a little shy meeting her.

IMG956542 IMG_4671

And of course she didn’t leave empty handed.  Daddy bought her a Frozen figurine set that she loves! 


Friday, January 9, 2015

Many Faces of Kenzie

As Kenzie was getting over the flu, she was still a bit grumpy…


She even protested certain music on the radio.

IMG_4549 IMG_4551

Eventually she was back to her regular self, loving on Ninja at her Auntie’s house.


And showing off her new talent that Auntie Shannon taught her…showing her food.


Friday, January 2, 2015

A New Year at Disney

This year my company gave us Jan 2 off as a holiday.  They usually never do, so we took advantage and headed to Disneyland.  Chad and H&N joined us. 

We got there early and did a lot of rides before it got crowded.  When we were in line for Small World, I told Mouse to turn around for a picture and this is what I got. 




I love the inside of Small World during Christmas, it’s so different and festive.





We also headed to Storybook Canals, our first time during the day.  They added a special Frozen section that was new since the last time we went on it.






I braved the motion sickness that came with this pregnancy and went on the teacups with my baby…not a good idea. 








IMG_2890 IMG_2891

We headed out around noon, Jeff wasn’t feeling well (actually came down with the flu which hit Kenzie and I a few days later).  We missed Danny and B&K who got passes too this year!  Can’t wait till we can go with them too.