Friday, August 31, 2012

It’s Race Weekend!

Our racing anniversary is here!  One full year ago, Jeff and I went to pick up our race bibs for the 2011 Disneyland 5k.  We’ve run 7 races together, six 5ks and one 10k.  I cannot believe it’s only been a year, it feels like we’ve been running for so long!

This year we dragged Shannon along to the Expo so we had another body to collect the freebies usually passed out.  We picked up our bibs first and then headed over to the Expo.



2012-08-31_12-13-45_28 2012-08-31_12-15-40_681

We headed into the Expo and started at the back, moving our way towards the front.


The expo was just okay this year.  They had a few samples and not a lot of giveaways.  I wouldn’t be a big deal but the bag you typically get when you get your shirt was literally just the shirt and one mini Clif bar.  #superlame



After heading out, we decided to have lunch at Downtown Disney.  We ate at the ESPN Zone (thanks Shannon!) and then walked around a bit.  The Lego store had changed up their displays since the last time we’d been there. 




What do you think?  Real or not real?  I’m saying that they just glued Legos onto forms.  Winking smile

One last stop to smell the desserts…we passed on buying them, but don’t they look like works of art?  Almost too cute to eat anyway. 


*Almost*  Smile

Tomorrow is Race Day.  Unfortunately I’ve caught ANOTHER FREAKING cold and have been sick this whole week.  Instead of running, I’ve been sitting on the couch just trying to breathe through my stuffy nose.  I feel like I’ve been sick for ALL of 2012.  So lame. 

Also, Jeff and I are thinking about hiding out in Disneyland until it opens to public.  Good idea or bad idea?  Joking or not joking?  Hmmm.

Monday, August 27, 2012

So you wanna run?

Jeff and I taped ALL of the Olympics.  And when I say all, I mean it…all the Olympics!  We fast forwarded through a lot of it but watched all the running events.  Occasionally Brooklyn was watching with me and I think my cheering and jumping during some of the events made her excited too.  So excited that when we went to buy her river shoes, she convinced Danny to buy her a pair of running shoes. 


Brooks Adrenalines to be exact.  #runhappy  Ever since we got back from the river she’s been bugging me to run.  She wants to do a kids race later this fall.  So last night (after my 4 mile run) we headed out for a quarter mile run.  Instead, we did a mile. 


Danny and Jeff rode bikes.  Kalea rode her tricycle with Shannon walking next to her.  We went all the way to C & C’s and then rested for a bit.  I needed it!  Brooklyn was FAST.  She pretty much ran in front of me the entire time and took walk breaks only because I told her too. 

At one point, I told Danny to pace her with the bike. 


We ended up back to our house and then cooled off with some Capri Sun and a ShotBlock – tasted just like candy!



Brooklyn had a fun time running…but I’m not sure about doing the race with her.  She’ll leave me in the dust!  Uncle Jeff, you made need to step in!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Brea Fest 2012

Last year we didn’t make it to Brea Fest, but this year we were able to head down to Brea to taste test some goodies. 


We weren’t alone, Miss Mallorie came to hang out.

IMG952127 IMG955689

There were a lot of vendors there.  I really liked the sushi from the Octopus Bar, but didn’t enjoy the vegitarian pesto pasta from a different place (needed salt). 


We stayed until Shannon had to start her shift and you could tell Mallorie was getting tired.  She kept on gnawing on Vanessa’s finger. 


Saturday, August 25, 2012

The first week back

The week after vacation always seems the worst! 


Early wake up calls, coming home late, trying to do all. that. laundry.  You can tell that Chloe missed Jeff while we were gone.  She was clingy all week.



I’ve mentioned it before but this is how dramatic Chloe is when we try to spray her allergy medicine on her feet. 


All week long my server at work has been SLOW.  I would get this screen for 20 minutes at a time. 


The older nieces started school this week, new hairdos and all. 



Kalea starts kindergarten this year-full day!  Thankfully her friend Bing is in her class again this year.  These cuties came to visit us Thursday night.  They RAN with their mom from their house all the way to ours. 


Obviously not in those heels.  Winking smile

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Twelve Becomes Seventeen

For our last day on the water, Jeff and I got up even earlier to secure a spot for our crazy family.  Thankfully we got the same beach as the prior day, because our group went from twelve to seventeen.  Uncle Mark, Aunt Lisa and our cousins joined us on Saturday.    


Since it was Sydney’s first time there, Ashley took her out for a ride on the seadoo.




And then something crazy happened.  Tata trusted Jeff to take him out! 



Then it was Paige’s turn, sandwiched between Sydney and Ash.


Poor Aunt Lisa, we even convinced her to let Sam go out.




We got one group shot before we left for the day.


Afterwards we headed over to Casa Serrano for dinner.  They have the best salsa!

The next morning we got up to eat some breakfast before hitting the road.



It was a fun trip!  We’re already planning for next year!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Until the sun goes down

Thursday night Jeff and I decided that we would head out to the water Friday morning to reserve a spot for everyone.  We had a big group and needed to make sure we got a spot for all of us to fit. 

Danny and Dad drove out there with us.  Danny had just bought a new pair of goggles and wanted to test them out by sticking his head out the window. 


We got there super early, set up camp and then had about 2 hours to ourselves.  It was so quiet and peaceful. 




Around 10am Jeff made us egg and ham burritos. 


Around 11am everyone started to arrive.  Nana cracked open a beer. Winking smile


Even the ducks were there to hang out with us.



At one point Danny thought it would be funny to hook me to a tree stump and leave me there. 




Kalea had so much fun, she was dancing on the top of the boat. 


Sorry Danny, you are definitely going to have your hands full. 

We had dinner on the beach and stayed until the sun went down.  Another great day!


{Sidenote} I got dumped again on Friday, this time by Jeff.  I kept my backup sunglasses this time but they did crack.  Two pairs lost to the river! 

{Sidenote 2} The elevator in our hotel was so messed up!  It would stop on random floors and then skip our floor and go all the way back to the Casino.  Later that weekend we were literally down to one elevator that the maintenance crew controlled to pick up guest…on 24 floors.