Monday, August 20, 2012

Hitting the Road

Vacation time!!  After taking zero time off in July, I was more than ready for a vacation. 

Thursday morning we got up bright and early (4:00am) and headed over to my Dad’s to meet everyone.  We hit the road and then began the drive out to Laughlin.  On the way we stopped for breakfast at the fanciest McDonalds. 


The McDonalds was connected to a candy store and Jeff picked up some gummies for the nieces.  Candy at 9:00am is totally okay on vacation!



We made it to the hotel, checked in and down to the water by 1:00pm. 


It was cooler than last year, but still in the 100’s.  The day went well, except for one tiny thing…I lost my prescription sunglasses. Sad smile I convinced Shannon to go out on the seadoo with me and we somehow fell off during a turn.  She managed to hold on to her glasses and flip flops.  I just fell in. 



We left as the sun was setting and then stopped at In N Out for dinner.  Danny was hungry!


It was a long day and the nieces crashed!