Tuesday, November 30, 2010

5% My Booty!

As Jeff and I were headed out for our run tonight, I reminded him that I did not have my glasses on.  In the dark, without my glasses, I’m pretty much blind.  That with my fear of coyotes I was really thinking about turning around to get my glasses.

Jeff however, reassured me that we only had about a 5% chance of running into a coyote. 

Yeah, math was never Jeff’s strong area.  By the time we got to the end of our block, sure enough, there was a coyote trotting along the grass across the street. 

5% my butt.  Try 100%. 

Jeff insisted we keep going which pretty much meant following the coyote.  I’m quite certain my mother is reading this and shaking her head thinking she taught me better than to run after a coyote. 

By the time we made it across the street, we had lost sight of the coyote that was only 50 feet away.  At the last minute I saw it coming up behind us.  Instantly my ninja survival skills kicked in and I proceeded to squeal and clap my hands like an excited 5 year old meeting Mickey Mouse for the first time.  The coyote took off.  Jeff just looked at me and laughed.  In actuality, he should be thanking me for SAVING HIS LIFE.

He asked me if I would ever run by myself in the dark again.  Uh, let’s just say we are starting a treadmill fund.  Today. 

Here is my picture for today.  I really wish I had my camera when we were running but alas, you get a picture of my fur daughter. 


Monday, November 29, 2010

When It’s Cold Outside

All day I’ve been saying I cannot get warm.  I was pleasantly surprised when I walked in the house after work and saw Jeff’s potato soup on the stove.  Perfect to eat when it’s cold outside.


Meanwhile, in the OC…



Sunday, November 28, 2010

Our New (Old) Couch

Since Chad and Crystal were moving and looking for a new couch, Jeff and I offered to take their old one off their hands.  The muscle came over tonight and helped Jeff move our old couch out and the new to us couch in.


The new couch is Chloe approved.  She was easily able to sit on the back of the couch. 

Before leaving, the girls admired the few Christmas decorations I had out and decided to make a train out of the dining table chairs and some of the Christmas dolls.


I caught Kalea playing with one of my Christmas stuffed animals on our couch.  She was being silly but once she saw me, she instantly began to ham it up even more.  You can tell she’s giving me the side eye to make sure I’m catching her on film. 



Thanks to Chad and Crystal for splurging on a new couch and passing down their oldie but goodie! 

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Baby sitter for FOUR?

4 nieces

10 hours

3 poopie diapers

4 animated movies

8 meals

Yep, it was moving day for Chad and Crystal!  They are moving to a place closer to Chad’s work and I know they are super excited.  Since it was moving day for them, it meant it was babysitting day for Aunty Nini and Aunty Shasha.

The baby nieces were the first to arrive and were quick to get settled in.  We did some home rearranging to allow for the entire upstairs to be their play area.  Hailey instantly started playing with the pretend kitchen and loved it! 


Noellie practiced sitting…and laying down.  I think she enjoyed laying down more.


Once Brooky and Kalea arrived, they jumped right into the action.


After awhile, we allowed Chloe to come up and enjoy some time with her cousins.  She quickly pooped out and started falling asleep.  I could tell she was wondering when everyone was going to go home. 




I love the picture below.  Jeff was on the laptop and using the mouse on the laptop.  Hailey climbed up on his lap and started tapping the laptop copying Jeff’s movements.  Kids are sooo smart and catch on so quickly!


Our night is not over yet…we’re having some sleepover guests tonight!


Tomorrow we have Tangled and then Christmas decorating!  Good night everyone!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Baking With Aunty Shannon

The girls spent the day with Aunty Shannon while Danny was at work.  What is the best way to keep the girls busy?  Buy lots of art projects!  Shannon and the girls had already made 2 ornaments each by the time they made it to my house.  And they were not done.  Brooklyn and Kalea each had one more craft AND they brought over their easy no-bake oven. 

Step 1 – lay out the beads.  Step 2 – Iron the beads trying not to burn your hands.


Once the burn your hand bead project was completed, Shannon and Brooklyn moved on to the no-bake cakes.  I’ll do a lot with my nieces but this is one toy I leave to Shannon.





They mixed the batter and then put it in the oven.  While we waited, we enjoyed some J-E-L-L-O!





Once the cakes were done, it was time to do the dishes. 




Don’t those look appetizing?  :)