Sunday, September 30, 2012

Brooklyn’s First 1k

During the Olympics Brooklyn had started to express some interest in running.  Danny bought her her first pair of shoes right before we went to Laughlin and the weekend after we returned, she ran for the first time. 

I had planned on just a quarter of a mile, but she ran a mile without problems.  Since she did so well, I signed her up for her first kids race. 

Yesterday morning we headed over to McCarthy Park around 6:45am to cheer Brooklyn on at the Megan Savage Kids 1k.  She was a mixture of excited and nervous. 


Registration included a raffle ticket for your choice of about 20 different baskets.  Brooklyn chose the cupcake basket. 


And then she got a little face painting right before the start off the race. 


We headed over to the start line around 8:00am to cheer her on. 


They did a short countdown and then the kids were off!  Can you spot Brooky?

Jeff ran off to the half way point to give her some encouragement (and an “out” if she decided to throw in the towel), Danny took post at the last turn before the finish line and I waited at the end with Kalea (who was thankfully distracted with a very tasty Jamba Juice).

Jeff said that he was especially proud of her since when he spotted her half way through it, she was shoulder bumping some kid to pass him. 


Afterwards she got her medal and her goodie bag.  That, with her kid’s t-shirt made her one happy camper!  We headed over to get Kalea’s face painted since she was so patient.

IMG_0214 IMG_0215

And then they put their little butterfly prints on the big poster.  Kalea wrote her name all by herself!



Since Brooky ran the race, she was entitled to some free grub so she and Danny went off to collect while Kalea was inspired to do a little running on her own.

We stuck around to watch the 5k kick off and then headed back home. 


Brooky had a ton of fun and told me today that she was going to run forever and get a ton of medals.  Disneyland 5k next year??? 

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Slater’s 50/50

Last Friday Jeff and I decided to go out for dinner and dusted off a gift card we had since November to Slater’s 50/50


Jeff had been there before but this was my first time.  Bacon Salt?  Jeff said just go with it!


I decided to stick with what the restaurant was best known for.  Their 50/50 burger.  The patties are known for their mixture of 50% beef and 50% bacon.  And a sunnyside egg on top. 


I was only able to eat half, but it was pretty darn good.  I especially loved the fries with their made from scratch ketchup with chunks of bacon in it.  I think I need to eat a weeks worth of veggies to make up for all the bacon!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Endeavor

Last Friday the Endeavor was scheduled to fly around California before making its final landing at LAX.  Jeff was able to hike to a top of a hill and capture some pics of the shuttle. 



The shuttle was piggy backed on a jet and had another 2 jets accompanying it.  It made its way from San Francisco, through Santa Barbara, over Disneyland and then to LAX. 

We were supposed to be able to see it from our office, but it came and went so quickly you would have missed it if you weren’t looking in that direction. 

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Tales from Kindergarten II

If you don’t remember how we left off last week, Kalea was telling me about her new friend. 


When I was catching up with Kalea this week, she updated me that she found Bing! But only when they were lining up to go into class. She yelled at him “Bing, Bing, over here” and waved at him. I asked if she missed her buddy Bing and she got all giggly and said yes!


We talked about recess for a bit and she said she still plays with the boy-with-no-name but also with her old friend Hinna and a new friend, Mirabella. All three are in Mr. Marco’s class. When I asked her if she played with anyone in her own class, Mr. H’s class, she looked at me like I was dumb and said NOOO. Sorry! Until next week!

Monday, September 24, 2012



So true my friends, so true.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Fraser-Showalter Reunion

Jeff and I spent the afternoon in the OC at his family’s 1st Fraser-Showalter Family Reunion.  The original Showalters were Hollis (Jeff’s grandpa), Patricia and Frank.  The Frasers were his Aunt Pat’s husband’s side of the family.  Whew!  Does that make sense?

There were roughly 50 of us at his Aunt Linda & Uncle Rick’s house (Pat’s kids).  The eldest on there was Jeff’s great Uncle Frank, the only survivor of the 3 original Showalters. 


It was good times meeting a TON of extended family.  Each family was assigned a color.  Pat’s family was in blue, Frank’s in red and Hollis’ in green. 



His Uncle Rod (Pat’s husband) is the founder of Don Jose’s and Ricardo’s, the family continues the family business even now.  It was a nice way to spend the day!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

LA County Fair 2012

We went, we ate, we made it all out alive.  Barely


The heat and my family DO NOT mix well.  Why can’t the fair be in November?

We made it to the fair right at 10am and wanted to get to all the outdoor attractions while it was still  in the 80s.  The first thing we hit up, a ride for Danny and Brooklyn. 



After that, we let the first round of eating begin.  Last year I had a falafel that was ok and had planned on going back.  Thankfully the Gourmet Genie food truck was here this year, and I scored with the BEST falafel wrap I’ve ever had.  Seriously, so good!


Once everyone had some food in their bellies, we headed out towards the animals. 






Cuddle buddies.  Smile



It’s weird the things the girls remember.  Every time we came upon a bale of hay they thought they had found the hay maze.  Thankfully the fair decided to have it again this year. 



Another pair of cuddlers. 





On to the bunnies, my favorite! 











We decided to check out the bee exhibit this year, a first for me. 




Our last animal exhibit was a Zorse and a Zonkey.  This will most likely be what Jeff & my kids would look like…


By now the girls were having MAJOR meltdowns and it was HOT!  We headed into to the exhibit halls for the AC but only made the girls more cranky and “bored” (ugh, their new word).  We decided to mix in some games and rides in between the halls.  The girls decided to do a fun house. 




Brooklyn made it up the rope ladder faster than her sister so when Kalea made it to the enclosed slide she was all alone.  And she freaked out.  Literally stayed on the platform for minutes while other kids climbed over her to go down the slide.  We were shouting encouragement at her from below, while the ride attendant was doing it from as far in as he could fit. 


Thankfully as the seventh or eighth kid climbed over her, she must have made up her mind and finally went down the slide. 


And then out, happy as a clam asking to do it again. 


We told her no.  But after a couple more halls, let the girls out to go on another ride. 


And then another. 



By now we were sweaty, tired and ready to go.  We grabbed some fried Oreos and fried pickles, the pickles being my favorite. 


And then headed out. 



It was a fun time, but I think next year we’ll wait until the sun starts to set.  Thanks for everything Dad!