Sunday, September 30, 2012

Brooklyn’s First 1k

During the Olympics Brooklyn had started to express some interest in running.  Danny bought her her first pair of shoes right before we went to Laughlin and the weekend after we returned, she ran for the first time. 

I had planned on just a quarter of a mile, but she ran a mile without problems.  Since she did so well, I signed her up for her first kids race. 

Yesterday morning we headed over to McCarthy Park around 6:45am to cheer Brooklyn on at the Megan Savage Kids 1k.  She was a mixture of excited and nervous. 


Registration included a raffle ticket for your choice of about 20 different baskets.  Brooklyn chose the cupcake basket. 


And then she got a little face painting right before the start off the race. 


We headed over to the start line around 8:00am to cheer her on. 


They did a short countdown and then the kids were off!  Can you spot Brooky?

Jeff ran off to the half way point to give her some encouragement (and an “out” if she decided to throw in the towel), Danny took post at the last turn before the finish line and I waited at the end with Kalea (who was thankfully distracted with a very tasty Jamba Juice).

Jeff said that he was especially proud of her since when he spotted her half way through it, she was shoulder bumping some kid to pass him. 


Afterwards she got her medal and her goodie bag.  That, with her kid’s t-shirt made her one happy camper!  We headed over to get Kalea’s face painted since she was so patient.

IMG_0214 IMG_0215

And then they put their little butterfly prints on the big poster.  Kalea wrote her name all by herself!



Since Brooky ran the race, she was entitled to some free grub so she and Danny went off to collect while Kalea was inspired to do a little running on her own.

We stuck around to watch the 5k kick off and then headed back home. 


Brooky had a ton of fun and told me today that she was going to run forever and get a ton of medals.  Disneyland 5k next year???