Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Tales from Kindergarten II

If you don’t remember how we left off last week, Kalea was telling me about her new friend. 


When I was catching up with Kalea this week, she updated me that she found Bing! But only when they were lining up to go into class. She yelled at him “Bing, Bing, over here” and waved at him. I asked if she missed her buddy Bing and she got all giggly and said yes!


We talked about recess for a bit and she said she still plays with the boy-with-no-name but also with her old friend Hinna and a new friend, Mirabella. All three are in Mr. Marco’s class. When I asked her if she played with anyone in her own class, Mr. H’s class, she looked at me like I was dumb and said NOOO. Sorry! Until next week!