Sunday, June 30, 2013

Happy 75th Birthday Tata!!

On Thursday my Tata turned 75 years young and we all got together to celebrate yesterday afternoon.

Since it was so hot yesterday (what is with this 100+ heat wave??) we let the kiddos run through the sprinklers after the delicious lunch that Jeff cooked for all of us.  (I missed taking a picture of him at the grill so thought I’d recreate one for you #yourewelcome.)

Tatas Bday





After they cooled down a bit, Tata opened his gift from everyone and then we had some made from scratch cake made by Ashley.




It was a camping stove top!  He has a camping trip coming up on 3 weeks and had been borrowing a friends this whole time.  Hope he enjoys it!  On to cake…



The cake was very tasty and a special treat being made from scratch.  Kalea even commented that she would like a cake like that on HER birthday.  Guess she better get together with Ashley to put in her order! 

Monday, June 24, 2013

A Change In Date-37 Weeks

K’s original due date from the beginning has been 7-14-13.  I even had a “feeling” that I would be late and she’d be coming after her due date.

So much for me and my “feelings”.

At my last doctor’s appointment, I was asking if my doctor was on call the weekend I was due when she mentioned it doesn’t really matter since she would probably induce me a week early.

Uh, what?

Due to some of the complications I’ve had, I would not be left to labor at will – I was getting an assigned date. 

K’s new date?  7-8-13.  One week earlier.  Which means I only have 2 weeks to go, 1 of them I’m still working and 1 week of leave.

I feel a bit stressed and like everything is now kicked into high gear.  Saturday we went shopping to finish buying our registry necessities. 


The room is like 75% done but the house is still a mess.  Here’s hoping we can get everything done before she comes!!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Baby Shower 2.0

This last week, my sweet co-workers threw Jeff and I one heck of a baby shower! 


My friends knew that owls are K’s bedroom theme so they coordinated the shower with owl decorations too.


Jeff was a little late to the shower, so since everyone was waiting I started without him.



There are a ton of pics of me opening presents, here are just a few.


About half way through everything, Jeff arrived.



After presents, we had cake and ice cream.  One of my co-workers makes cakes and she did a wonderful job!!  It was extremely adorable!


Here Jeff and I are checking out all the adorable details.





And here is the aftermath.  I came straight home to sort through and wash everything.  Glad to say that everything was finished and put away 24 hours later!  Booyah!!


Friday, June 21, 2013

Getting Comfortable

You can tell Chloe knows something’s going on.  There are a ton of new clothes in the house and large pieces of furniture that wasn’t here before.

But she’s also getting pretty comfortable.


One of her favorite things is to lay on Jeff’s and my clothes.  Guess Kenzie’s stuff is no exception. 

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Celebrity Sightings

One of my last trips for work was to Calabasas. It’s in an area where a lot of celebrities live but all the times I’ve been there, I’ve not seen one famous person. Since Jeff works out there, he joined me for the trip and at dinner one night, he spotted Scott Baio! He and his family walked right into the restaurant next to ours and were even followed by a paparazzi snapping pics. Then the very next day, while we were picking up breakfast at Starbucks, in walks Bruce Jenner!

It was so funny that both times I didn’t think to take a picture…but the one thing I did catch…

…the turtles in the courtyard at the restaurant. They are too cute!


Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Our Final Trip

The way our schedules worked, we were able to squeeze one more final trip to San Francisco in before the Kenz makes her debut. We said we’d keep it short and ended up spending only a couple of days there.


The first night we got there, we relaxed and just crashed. I was tired from the drive and still feeling sick.

The next day we had a ton of places we wanted to hit so we got up early and made the most of the day. We started off with the Embarcadero since Shannon wanted to hit a couple of stores there and eat lunch at a specific restaurant. The farmer’s market was going on so we walked around outside before making our way inside.









We ate at Hog Island Oyster Co where Shannon and Mom split the oyster platter that I was told was really good.




After that we walked up and down Chestnut street making stops at our favorite stores. One of my goals this trip was to visit a specific paper store to buy some paper for Kenzie’s dresser. We got a good selection and I can’t wait to show you her dresser!

We ended our shopping trip with a pedicure. Perfect way to end it!

The final day we decided to stay until after lunch and made our way to Ghiradelli and then Lululemon for some more shopping. Unfortunately I don’t fit into any of their stuff right now but we were able to find some stuff for Jeff.


We had lunch and then hit the road for the drive home. We made a pit stop at Harris Ranch for a couple of their steaks.

Thanks for having us Mom! I know it was last minute. See you in 4 weeks!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Kenzie’s Room–36 Weeks

The last couple of weeks Jeff has been working hard on Kenzie’s room.  It’s been freshly painted (the best paint job in our whole house!!)



We’ve bought the paper and lined her drawers.


We added some art to the collection we plan on hanging.


The fan has been hung…but doesn’t work!  Jeff has to go to Home Depot to figure out what is going wrong.


And Chloe has helped me sort through all her presents so we can start washing them and putting them away.  Her room is pretty close to being “done for now” and I can’t wait to reveal it!


What’s left for the last four weeks?

I have two more weeks of work left and I’m slowly beginning to dread them.  Almost every day I’ve been experiencing Braxton Hicks contractions and they are starting to take my breath away.  Trying to work through them does not sound like fun.

Once I’m off work, I have two weeks to relax and sit on the couch.  Yep, that’s what I got planned. 

Because I was sick, we rescheduled the breastfeeding class to July 11 (only 3 days before K’s due date) the only day the hospital had it open.  Here’s hoping she stays put until at least after the class. 

Only four more weeks to go!!