Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Mackenzie Mondays-24 Weeks

(Yeah, this is one day late…)

Twenty four weeks down and sixteen to go!

The last 24 weeks have gone by pretty quickly, I know the next 16 will too.  I’m starting to get anxious reading my baby book since they are already talking about hospital tours and child birth classes as I enter into month 6. 

Kenzie is already getting spoiled and has a few gifts waiting for her arrival. 

A couple of outfits and accessories from my boss, cousin and BIL & his girlfriend…


Chloe is a fan of Kenzie’s rattle.  I was opening the gift to snap a pic and Chloe took off with it!!


Her crib! from my mom-a very generous gift…no picture yet since it’s still in the box.

And some very special gifts from my MIL.  The rocker that was given to her when Jeff was a newborn and is now being passed on to Kenzie.  She’s also gave us one of Jeff’s baby blankets.


Here is what week 24 looks like:

  • Total weight gained – 6 pounds
  • Pregnancy meltdowns – 1 in Home Depot, I apologized for it as soon as it was over
  • Cravings – desserts!  Apple pie with ice cream is my favorite right now
  • New side effect– Headaches – boooo!!!
  • Number of days until my birthday – 2!! 
  • Next doctor’s appointment – In two weeks, my glucose test-gross

Friday, March 22, 2013

Phone Photos

The last two weeks have been crazy traveling!  I couldn’t even tell you where my camera is right now.  (Must find it).  Below is the past two weeks in pics received and taken on my phone.

Chloe hanging out with Jeff while I was gone…


While I was gone, Jeff went shopping at Home Depot for some patio stuff and saw the perfect fan for Kenzie’s room…maybe not.


My good friend gave birth to her beautiful daughter…


From my flight last night, flying above the clouds.



And my current wallpaper on my phone. 


It’s good to be home!

Monday, March 18, 2013

We're Still Alive!

Things have been crazy!  I'm on my second of two work trips these last two weeks and unfortunately it takes away from posting.

I have a lot of random pictures to update so check back later this week!

Monday, March 11, 2013

What’s in a name

I’ve told this story before but I think it is hilarious so I’m going to re-tell it. #sorryimnotsorry

Some girls have baby names picked out from early on. My girl name of choice was Chloe. I told NO ONE this. Not Jeff, my mom, sister…no one! Fast forward a few years and this little munchkin…


named this pup…


Chloe. I guess I got my wish – my first “girl” was named Chloe!

Since then I had to ponder a new girls name should the chance that we ever had a girl came up. I had been sitting on Devon for awhile until the moment we found out we were having a girl.

For some reason, Devon just didn’t seem to fit.

Almost immediately after our appointment Jeff and I settled on a different name – something I would have never thought of before being pregnant. Here’s a hint.


While we aren’t 100% set, we’ve already come up with a nickname and have been calling her that since then. For now, it seems to fit.

Here is a picture from today, since mom hasn’t seen my belly since 10 weeks. Sorry for the bad quality and creepy hand. I was in a rush and wanted to eat lunch.


Sunday, March 10, 2013

Knott’s Coaster Run 10k & 1k

Last year Jeff and I signed up to run the Knott’s Coaster 10k.  Unfortunately we both ended up sick and the thought of running 6 miles in the forecasted rain did not sound appealing.  The race organizers offered a deferment to 2013 so that is exactly what we did!  Fast forward 1 year later…

And Jeff was ready to run the 10k!  I’m sort of bummed that I did not get ONE picture, but he did awesome!  He PR’d and blew his prior 10k time out the water.


He finished with an overall pace of 9:34!!

He wasn’t the only one running today though. 


Dustin and Brooky were both signed up for the kids race.  At the last minute Brooky had costume made.  She was the only one wearing one and it made it super easy to spot her in the crowd. 


The kids ran through Camp Snoopy and we only had minutes to wait for them to finish.  But minutes with this grumpy butt was minutes too long in her book. 


Dustin had made his way to the front of the starting line and was one of the first few to finish.  He was Mr. McSpeedy!



Brooky started towards the back and came out smiling with her costume in tact. 


Danny and Jeff ran with her and made her stop long enough to take some pictures throughout the park. 


In front of her favorite ride. 


Race Review:

The race was put on by Renegade Race Series and I really do like their organization.  But that being said, I don’t think we would re-run the adult portion of this race.  The pre-packet pick up when smoothly but on the day of the event, parking was a nightmare (and it’s parking at the park…how cannot it not go smoothly?)  The wave start was a nightmare.  No one was checking and there were walkers in the very front waves.  Nothing wrong with walkers, just start towards the back.  They even ran out of medals because of bandit runners, but how hard is it to check for a bib before you hand out a medal.  No bib = no medal.  And those bandit runners that took a medal, poo on them.  (Yep, they shamed that girl on facebook…yes, she deserved it for bragging about banditting on instagram.)


Multiple times I had asked if we could spectate the kids race and was told YES.  I thought it was weird since it was inside the park and sure enough…there was no way we could spectate.  All we saw of our two kiddo runners were the starting line and finish chute.  And the finish chute was a MESS.  Adults were climbing over the fencing and standing inside the chute.  I get that they wanted to catch their kid finishing, but so did we!  Instead I got a bunch of pics of the back of strangers.  I also heard there was some issue with the parent bibs (some parents paid to run the 1k, get a tee and a medal) but I have my opinions on adults who want a tee and medal for running a kids race. 

All in all, I really like Renegade and enjoyed running their Turkey Trot 2 years running.  While we may not be back for the adult race, I do know that my niece thoroughly enjoyed her run and the pie that came after. 

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Cuddle Buddy

The other day Danny texted Jeff and I the below picture.


The sad thing is, Chloe sleeps in 4 out of 6 of these poses. 

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Poppin Tags

One of the projects that we want to do for the baby’s room is to find an mid-century dresser and restain or paint it.  So this last Saturday we hit up the thrift stores in our area and Antique Row in Pomona. 

We had a little company since C & C had an appointment that was best suited for “library voices”.

Mousie did really good the whole time!  Maybe it was the skittles she got every time she made it through a store without going crazy (and remember…we were in ANTIQUE stores!) or the lemonade that she guzzled at lunch as a special treat. 


Either way, the littlest niecie was some cute entertainment throughout our shopping adventure. 

Monday, March 4, 2013


Last week I mentioned our sweet girl was kicking me while we were viewing her on the ultrasound and that I couldn’t feel her kick.

That was short lived.

The Saturday after my ultrasound I felt a weird twitch on my lower left abdomen and then seconds later again in the middle.  I texted my friend who is 8 mos pregnant and she said that’s the exact same thing she felt when she first felt her daughter move. The very next morning I was still in bed and rolled over a little too much onto my stomach.  Almost immediately I felt what can only be described as tiny rolling bubbles move away from where I was laying on my stomach.  Little Loyd rolled away from being squashed!

Since then I’ve felt her move at least everyday.  It’s usually after I eat and when I’m sitting or laying down in the evenings.  It has got to be one of the weirdest and coolest feelings.

I can’t wait for her kicks and punches to be just a little stronger so Jeff can feel them.  But until then, I’m happy to feel her little bubbly moves. 

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Another Birthday!!

We are entering Birthday Season for the Solano/Loyds!!  This time it was of the human variety…

Happy Birthday Hailey!!


Miss Hailey turned 4 on Friday and chose to celebrate her special day with some Chuck E Cheese.  We had a blast and ended up shutting down the place at 10pm!  She got to meet Mr. Cheese himself and go into the ticket booth to collect her birthday tickets. 


Happy Birthday sweet girl!


Saturday, March 2, 2013

A Mousie Short

Our littlest niece is proving to be our spunkiest niece yet.  The other day I got the below text from my SIL.

Setting: Last night in our bedroom right after Chad got home.

Me: Noelle out.  Daddy wants to change.

Noelle: (No movement)

Chad: Noelle get out.  I want to change.

Noelle: (No movement)

Chad: Noelle get out or I’ll pop our balloon.

Noelle: (Walks with an attitude to the door, turns around with an angry look and points to Chad) POP YOU!  I’ll pop you!

Hahaha!!  Love that girl.