Monday, April 29, 2013

Sweet Success-29 Weeks

Last Monday Jeff and I headed over to the Women’s Center at our hospital for my ultrasound and nutrition class.  We got there bright and early and headed back after about 10 minutes of waiting.  The nurse and doctor did some measurements to ensure our little girl was doing okay and then got one picture of her smiling for the camera (not really smiling, it appears our little girl is going to be antisocial…she kept turning towards my back when they tried to get her picture.)


After the ultrasound we waited around until the nutrition class began.  There were 3 other women in the room and they went through a whole booklet of foods to eat and what to avoid and a sample meal plan. 

Then the nutritionist showed us how to check our blood sugar levels, which I’ll need to do 4 times a day.  Suck.  I’m such a wimp because it hurt when I did it!!  This does not bode well for labor. 

They advised that I’ll need to make weekly appointments with the Sweet Success department so they can review my levels and see if there needs to be any other form of treatment. 

On Wednesday I had my regular doctor’s appointment, everything looks good!!

Other Details -

  • Total Weight Gained – 7-9lbs depending on time of day
  • What I miss the most while on my special diet – Ice cream, brownies, cupcakes, chocolate…all things I didn’t crave until after they told me not to eat it.
  • What is my favorite snack that I CAN eat – cereal and milk!
  • Did you know that if you let the umbilical chord finish pulsing before cutting it that you won’t be able to bank the chord blood (it starts to coagulate after it stops pulsing).  Good to know if you are considering banking the blood!
  • Number of flights left while pregnant – 2, blegh so ready to stop flying.
  • We found curtains for the baby’s room, Jeff’s pick won, mine lost.  Whatever Mom, Shannon and Crystal. 
  • Number of days until our 4 year anniversary – 3 counting today!

See you next week…only 11 more to go!

Sunday, April 28, 2013

A Plane on a Trailer

The other day Jeff and I were headed out to do errands and we saw a pick-up towing a plane. 


It looked like it had some damage so hopefully the guy pulling it was the owner and he was ok!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Puppy Sleep Over

Chloe has a sleep over friend!


We’re puppy-sitting for some friends and are loving having this guy over for some quality time. 



He did tell me to give a shout out to his fur Mom & fur Dad… RUFF, I MISS YOU!!!

Monday, April 22, 2013

My Kryptonite–28 Weeks

Hello 3rd Trimester!!!  Kenzie is two thirds cooked and only has about 3 more months to go!

I thought this weekly update was going to be one where I started off “this week was a pretty uneventful one” but unfortunately it wasn’t so standard.

On Tuesday I received a call from my doctor advising that one of my glucose scan blood draws came back abnormal (high).  They advised I would be referred to a specialist for a retest and I felt better knowing I had a “second chance” to pass.  On Thursday I received a call from the specialist who advised no, I wouldn’t be retested since I failed the 2 hour test (versus failing the 1 hour test) and I would automatically be treated as having gestational diabetes. 

It has been tough.  I feel like I let my little girl down.  I’m trying to stay confident that Kenzie will still be healthy and I’ll pull through fine but it’s just bump in the road that most women do not have to deal with. We go back to specialist today for an ultrasound and then a nutrition class where they tell me what to eat/avoid eating and show me how to test my blood sugar.

Moving on, one fun thing that happened, we got our car seat and stroller!!



Since we ordered it through work, there was no option of pattern/colors.  But I’m pretty happy with it, I love owls with their big eyes!


Next, Jeff opened the stroller.  One of the best things is this stroller is less than 20 lbs.  So, unfortunately there are no excuses about me being unable to load/unload it from the car. 


After some minor assembly, we thought we’d try it out with a test drive. 


Haha, she did not like it!  Hopefully Kenz likes it better.


  • Total Weight Gained – 9 lbs
  • Next doctor appointment – Wednesday, my regular check up
  • We registered at one of our locations for the shower – more to come!
  • The baby shower invites have been ordered, and if you are reading this – one is coming your way.  Keep June 2 open!

See you next week…only 12 more to go!!  Gulp.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Me So Hungry!

Yesterday Jeff and I decided to hit up Food Truck Thursday at the Fairplex again.  This time though, we convinced Chad and Crystal to come with us.  One of the trucks that Jeff was looking forward to was the Tornado Potato. 



The first time we came across this truck was last year at the LA County Fair.  Danny had ordered the sausage wrapped in a fried potato.  This time Jeff and Crystal both ordered the chili cheese tornado.  It was so good!


While we snacked on the potato, I stood in line for some sliders at Me So Hungry. 


Jeff ended up at the next truck, Gringo’s Tacos.



His tacos were pretty good!  The only bummer of the night was the dessert truck ended up bailing so Crystal couldn’t get her ice cream sandwich.  Stay tuned for the next round of trucks!

Monday, April 15, 2013

The Orange Drink-27 Weeks

Another week, another update!  Depending on which source you use, this is either my 1st week of the 3rd trimester or my last week of the 2nd trimester.  We’ll go with last week of the 2nd…holds off the delivery one more week.  Winking smile

The big event this week was my gestational diabetes test.  You hear enough horror stories about the orange syrup that I was so not looking forward to it.  I was told to fast from midnight on and showed up at the lab on Friday for my 8:30am appointment.  I was promptly taken back for a blood draw and then given a 10oz bottle of orange drink and instructions to finish it in 5 minutes. 


It actually wasn’t bad at all and I’m a little embarrassed I was dreading it so much.  It tasted like a slightly sweeter, flat orange soda.  It helped a lot that it was super cold.  I had to drink the liquid and come back on the hour for the next two hours.  They did a blood draw each time, making my arms look like a pin cushion. 

It was pretty painless and I met Shannon for lunch immediately after.  Not too bad.  I should find out the results by my next doctor’s appointment. 

What else is going on?

  • Total Weight Gained – 9lbs
  • Kenzie is kicking a ton and oddly enough, will immediately calm down if Jeff talks to her.  We joke that he’s already had to scold her while she’s in utero.
  • Jeff can also feel the baby more this week, her kicks/punches are getting stronger!
  • My belly button…is it going to pop?  I say no, that thing is as deep as the grand canyon.  Haha…don’t know why this just popped up in my mind.
  • We got 2 of the 3 boxes for our dresser!! (The 3rd is due today).  Now we just need to still clean out the baby’s room, paint and then assemble and put in the dresser and crib. 
  • Placenta thoughts – I was totally on board about encapsulating my placenta to ingest after deliver.  And then I made the mistake of watching someone prepare their own and I’m totally having second thoughts…to eat it or not…that is the question.

And to share with you what my view has been this week…


See you next week…only 13 more to go!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Front Patio

One of the most neglected areas of our home has been our front patio.  Our original plan was to lay down pavers but it seemed like the expense always got trumped with something else (broken washing machine, new car, vacation…).  So very recently it began to look like this:

A large pile of dirt/sand, lots of weeds, the random can of *ahem* beer and I’m sure a piece or two of cat poo.  Finally, in a fit of pregnancy hormones I broke down and said, we have to get it finished.  So we changed plans and decided to lay down pebbles versus the pavers.


The longest part of this project was leveling out the sand.  Jeff did that in maybe 2 weeks and today he bought the rest of the supplies.  First step after leveling out the sand was to lay the weed blocker. 



The next step was to start pouring the pebbles and then leveling them out to a thin layer. 



Unfortunately we ran out of pebbles about half way through.  Poor Jeff had to leave and buy some more rocks.  He was back in under an hour and then finished pouring out everything.



I think it turned out great!!  The only part left is the other side of the walkway.  Jeff has plans to pull up those pavers, plant a palm and then finish it off with more pebbles. 


Jeff trying to describe the palm… Smile


I’m so thankful for Jeff working hard on getting this done!  He is exhausted since he woke up early and ran 9.3 miles this morning!! 

Thanks babe, you’re the best!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Happy “3th” Birthday Noelle!

Today is our littlest niece’s birthday!!


Noelle had her 3rd birthday party at Farrell’s Ice Cream Parlour. 




This was mine and Jeff’s first time there and it was pretty cute inside.  It had an old fashion diner feeling with a small candy store upfront. 


As soon as the birthday girl arrived she was greeted with Aunty Shannon’s gift.  She loved her Eugene doll!

IMG_0893 IMG_0894

They seated us after a bit and we were greeted with a special welcome sign. 


And some goodie bags that the girls investigated while waiting for the rest of the party. 

IMG_0896 IMG_0898


Soon the rest of the party arrived and we were able to eat some lunch. 



Part of the party package was 1 “game”.  The game…a whipped cream eating contest.  They put a plate down in front of each person and announced the there would be a first, second and third place winner. 

Obviously all the Solano’s had to play…

After the game, Noellie opened her gifts and then ice cream sundaes & cake were served.






There was only one small snafu when it came to the cake.  Obviously the cake decorator thought 3rd was spelled 3-t-h.  Winking smile


Happy birthday Noellie!  Hope you had a fun day!