Monday, April 29, 2013

Sweet Success-29 Weeks

Last Monday Jeff and I headed over to the Women’s Center at our hospital for my ultrasound and nutrition class.  We got there bright and early and headed back after about 10 minutes of waiting.  The nurse and doctor did some measurements to ensure our little girl was doing okay and then got one picture of her smiling for the camera (not really smiling, it appears our little girl is going to be antisocial…she kept turning towards my back when they tried to get her picture.)


After the ultrasound we waited around until the nutrition class began.  There were 3 other women in the room and they went through a whole booklet of foods to eat and what to avoid and a sample meal plan. 

Then the nutritionist showed us how to check our blood sugar levels, which I’ll need to do 4 times a day.  Suck.  I’m such a wimp because it hurt when I did it!!  This does not bode well for labor. 

They advised that I’ll need to make weekly appointments with the Sweet Success department so they can review my levels and see if there needs to be any other form of treatment. 

On Wednesday I had my regular doctor’s appointment, everything looks good!!

Other Details -

  • Total Weight Gained – 7-9lbs depending on time of day
  • What I miss the most while on my special diet – Ice cream, brownies, cupcakes, chocolate…all things I didn’t crave until after they told me not to eat it.
  • What is my favorite snack that I CAN eat – cereal and milk!
  • Did you know that if you let the umbilical chord finish pulsing before cutting it that you won’t be able to bank the chord blood (it starts to coagulate after it stops pulsing).  Good to know if you are considering banking the blood!
  • Number of flights left while pregnant – 2, blegh so ready to stop flying.
  • We found curtains for the baby’s room, Jeff’s pick won, mine lost.  Whatever Mom, Shannon and Crystal. 
  • Number of days until our 4 year anniversary – 3 counting today!

See you next week…only 11 more to go!