Monday, April 8, 2013

A Basic Meal - 26 Weeks

Lately my appetite is getting bigger and my taste for what sounds good is finally returning back to semi normal.  Here is a a good example of what I’m eating now. 


Meat is not a big favorite of mine so only one rib for lunch.  I love salad but it has to be covered in croutons.  And watermelon…a huge CRAVING that Jeff was able to satisfy this weekend.  Hence the 3 slices in one meal. 

What else is going on:

  • Total weight gained – 8 lbs
  • The baby is moving a TON!  Especially in the mornings before I eat something.  It’s like she’s hungry and telling me to hurry up and eat something.
  • We ordered our car seat and stroller through my work and got a 30% discount!
  • Friday is my glucose test, I’m really not looking forward to the orange drink.
  • The baby shower date is set and the location has been reserved.