Monday, April 22, 2013

My Kryptonite–28 Weeks

Hello 3rd Trimester!!!  Kenzie is two thirds cooked and only has about 3 more months to go!

I thought this weekly update was going to be one where I started off “this week was a pretty uneventful one” but unfortunately it wasn’t so standard.

On Tuesday I received a call from my doctor advising that one of my glucose scan blood draws came back abnormal (high).  They advised I would be referred to a specialist for a retest and I felt better knowing I had a “second chance” to pass.  On Thursday I received a call from the specialist who advised no, I wouldn’t be retested since I failed the 2 hour test (versus failing the 1 hour test) and I would automatically be treated as having gestational diabetes. 

It has been tough.  I feel like I let my little girl down.  I’m trying to stay confident that Kenzie will still be healthy and I’ll pull through fine but it’s just bump in the road that most women do not have to deal with. We go back to specialist today for an ultrasound and then a nutrition class where they tell me what to eat/avoid eating and show me how to test my blood sugar.

Moving on, one fun thing that happened, we got our car seat and stroller!!



Since we ordered it through work, there was no option of pattern/colors.  But I’m pretty happy with it, I love owls with their big eyes!


Next, Jeff opened the stroller.  One of the best things is this stroller is less than 20 lbs.  So, unfortunately there are no excuses about me being unable to load/unload it from the car. 


After some minor assembly, we thought we’d try it out with a test drive. 


Haha, she did not like it!  Hopefully Kenz likes it better.


  • Total Weight Gained – 9 lbs
  • Next doctor appointment – Wednesday, my regular check up
  • We registered at one of our locations for the shower – more to come!
  • The baby shower invites have been ordered, and if you are reading this – one is coming your way.  Keep June 2 open!

See you next week…only 12 more to go!!  Gulp.