Thursday, April 4, 2013

It’s Babymoon Time!

Our original babymoon was supposed to coincide with our 4 year anniversary but because of Jeff’s love of half marathoning…we changed it to my birthday weekend.

San Francisco it was! We changed things up a bit though by spreading out the trip up there into 2 days and spending the evening in Paso Robles. Because of the split we also decided to take the much more scenic route and drove along PCH.



Jeff did a really good job of planning the trip out so that way we had a couple of stops before entering into Paso Robles.

After hitting the road at 5am, our first stop was breakfast at Sambo’s in Santa Barbara .

Sambo’s was a chain restaurant that was really popular in the 90’s but for whatever reason, ended up dying out and now only the original one is left standing. The menu was pretty basic but I they are known for their bloody mary’s. Each one has 1 cup of vodka in it (yes you read that right – 1 CUP). We decided to pass since it was barely 7am and we still had some driving to do.



After Sambo’s we drove through the rest of Santa Barbara and then hit the road again for a short time to a small trail to Nojoqui Falls . We had read that depending on the season, the waterfall could be pretty awesome, or a petty trickle. Guess which it was for us?



IMG_0860 IMG_0861


The hike to the trail was probably the most physical activity I had while pregnant since running 3 miles back in November. My stomach muscles started to cramp (I think from holding up Kenzie!) half way through and I was seriously breathing heavy half way into the walk. Thankfully it was short and going back to the car was all downhill. I only had one clumsy scare when I almost ate it on the trail. But Jeff kept a good eye on me after that.


After our hike we hit the road and made one more final pit stop at Solvang. It was my first time there and I think Jeff’s second. If you’ve never been, it’s a tiny Dutch town that has a lot of cute shops and goodies to eat.


We spent about an hour there and then had a snack just outside the city at Pea Anderson’s – they are known for their Pea Soup!




We made it to Paso Robles around noonish, checked into our hotel and then had lunch in the city and drove to Morro Bay. 



One of the reasons we had decided to stop in Paso was Jeff’s dad lives very close and we decided to meet him & his wife for dinner. It was our first time seeing them since the wedding and it was nice to catch up. We ended up having a small group with us – Judy’s daughter, grandson and her brother & sister in law. We ate at Firestone Brewery and I was bummed that I couldn’t sample the beer!!


It was nice to catch up with some of Jeff’s relatives that we rarely get to see! We already started talking about coming back up after the baby is born.