Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Hit the Road Mac–25 Weeks

On Wednesday Jeff and I hit the road for our mini Babymoon!  I was originally worried about being in the car for hours but I (and Mackenzie) did okay. 


One of the toughest things about the ride was the constant need for a bathroom break and how easily I became uncomfortable sitting in one position.  But Jeff was awesome and stopped as much as I needed – thanks babe!!

Here is what week 25 looks like:

  • Total weight gained – 8 pounds.  Yes, the babymoon put on 2lbs – YIKES! 
  • Best Meal of the Trip – chicken milanese and a simple salad with goat cheese
  • Newest side effect – indigestion, it sucks
  • Workout of the week – walking everywhere!  My mom made me walk miles and miles while we were in SF.  Too bad it didn’t help with those 2lbs.