Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Mackenzie Mondays-24 Weeks

(Yeah, this is one day late…)

Twenty four weeks down and sixteen to go!

The last 24 weeks have gone by pretty quickly, I know the next 16 will too.  I’m starting to get anxious reading my baby book since they are already talking about hospital tours and child birth classes as I enter into month 6. 

Kenzie is already getting spoiled and has a few gifts waiting for her arrival. 

A couple of outfits and accessories from my boss, cousin and BIL & his girlfriend…


Chloe is a fan of Kenzie’s rattle.  I was opening the gift to snap a pic and Chloe took off with it!!


Her crib! from my mom-a very generous gift…no picture yet since it’s still in the box.

And some very special gifts from my MIL.  The rocker that was given to her when Jeff was a newborn and is now being passed on to Kenzie.  She’s also gave us one of Jeff’s baby blankets.


Here is what week 24 looks like:

  • Total weight gained – 6 pounds
  • Pregnancy meltdowns – 1 in Home Depot, I apologized for it as soon as it was over
  • Cravings – desserts!  Apple pie with ice cream is my favorite right now
  • New side effect– Headaches – boooo!!!
  • Number of days until my birthday – 2!! 
  • Next doctor’s appointment – In two weeks, my glucose test-gross