Sunday, August 29, 2010

Hanging With Friends

On Saturday, Jeff and I drove down to Huntington Beach to hang out with our friends Jack and Cari. We started our afternoon off at a local shooting range. Jeff had been before but it was mine and Cari's first time. I was really nervous to shoot but Jeff was a good teacher and always close by to help me out. The first time you shoot, it's surreal. The recoil sort of throws your arms up and you become slightly disoriented. I forgot/lost my camera at home but Jeff was able to take the below pic on his phone. Proof I'm my father's daughter...ugh. :)

We went back to Jack and Cari's for an Irish/Mexican dinner. Then headed back out for an Angel game. This was my second game this year. The game was fun and it was nice to catch up with Cari!

Meanwhile...Danny took his daughter's on their first camping trip last night. Well psuedo camping trip in their backyard. The report was the girls were super excited last night and had fun.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Happy Birthday Kalea...Let's Go To Disneyland!

Yesterday was Kalea's 3rd birthday. This year we decided to go to Disneyland with both girls to celebrate their back to back birthdays. We got started late and arrived at the park around 11am.

We went on a couple of rides where Kalea entertained us while waiting, then headed out to Downtown Disney for lunch.

We ate at Tortilla Joe's, a yummy mexi food place. We only had one minor hiccup-Noelley! but everything was fine in the end.

Danny's friend Sean works at the Rainforest Cafe and when Danny stopped to say hi, he gave him 2 free tix to get into Dland. Since Chad and Crys met us for lunch, they ended up going into the park for a few hours with us.

After we got in we all bought popsicles. Chad tested his out for Hailey and good thing he did. His lip got stuck to it! We had to pour water on it and of course take some pictures. Eventually it detached but it was scary at first!

We went on a ton more rides and ended up not leaving until 10:00pm. It was a long day but I know the birthday girls enjoyed themselves. Happy Birthday niecies!

Brea Fest

Friday night Jeff & I went to Brea Fest with my mom and Shannon. We met/saw a lot of people that we knew. First we spotted Vanessa and Doug there. After that I saw a coworker of mine and her husband. Jeff and met them on our DPA cruise and they actually recognized Jeff first. Then Danny and the girls joined us followed by Chad and his family. We also met up with some new friends from Jeff's work.

What is Brea Fest? Besides a family/friend reunion. :) A ton of local vendors come together and set up booths. They sell food coupons and you go around and sample their food. And these are not one or two bite samples. We are talking about whole Chick Fil A sandwiches, small servings of Golden Spoon (not really small), slices of BJ's pizza, good sized beers. All in all, it was a fun and yummy night. Jeff and I plan to keep this on our yearly to do list.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Happy Birthday Brooklyn & Congrats Ali!

Today is our niece Brooklyn's 5th birthday! When I asked B if she was excited to go to Disneyland, she said "No Aunty, I want to go to Chuck E Cheese". I asked her if she wanted us to leave her home when we go to Disneyland then...she said no, she's going to Disneyland for Kalea's birthday (tomorrow). My 5 year old niece is already demanding separate birthday parties from her little sister whose birthday is only 1 day apart. Who is this kid??? Happy Birthday my oldest niece!

Today is also the graduation day for Jeff's cousin Ali. Ali recently joined the Air Force and graduates boot camp today. There was no doubt she couldn't do it. Ali is the 3rd in Jeff's family to serve our country. Jeff's grandfather, Hollis, served during the Korean war in the Army, Jeff served in the Marines, and now Ali in the Air Force. Not only are we proud of her for making the tough decision, we are forever thankful for her and all those in the military for defending our country.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Birthdays & Ballet

Saturday we celebrated Doug's 30th birthday by tailgating at Angel Stadium. We had chicken, pasta salad and watermelon for lunch and red velvet cupcakes for dessert. When we went in for the game, our seats were very near the Angels bull pen and the big rock A. When fireworks went off, it was very different sitting so close. Vanessa arranged for a birthday message for Doug to display on the big screen during the 4th inning. It was pretty cool seeing "Happy 30th Birthday Doug" on the big screen.

Sunday we went to Sydney's and Paige's dance recital. Sydney was the best in her class and started off both of her segments with mini solos. Paige did a hip hop routine that was also too cute! Afterwards, we had a mini barbeque at our house and got some cute pictures of my four niecies.

A busy but fun family weekend!