Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Clean up time!

Kenzie’s toys have gotten out of control.  Major.  During the last week of my leave, I decided it was time to go through them.  I dropped the girls off at Sarah’s (didn’t they look cute!) and got ready to go through them.

20150428_082208 20150429_173259

I started by emptying all the toys into the loft and sorted them into piles.  It took me the entire day they were at Sarah’s but once I was done, I had a managable amount of toys in her room, loft and downstairs.  The remainder of her toys I split into 3 large bins and put them away to bring out periodically.  That way they are like new toys!


And just because she’s adorable, Beanie is a thumbsucker!


Friday, April 24, 2015


Kenzie is just starting to learn how to say cheese.  So cute!

Rainy Disney Day

Shannon and I wanted to take Kenzie to Disneyland one more time before I went back to work.  Unfortunately, we picked a rainy Friday.  When we first got to Disneyland it was just cloudy.  We headed to California Adventure first and got in line for Toy Story.


Kenzie loved it!  She’s very into Woody, Jessie and Buzz right now.  So much that Aunty Shannon got her a Jessie doll!

20150424_092651 20150424_112016

We went on a couple more rides and then headed over to Disneyland.  By now it had started to rain on and off and we had to stand under some shelter during the heavier downpours.  Shannon was even nice enough to buy a poncho for Kenzie’s stroller since I forgot the weather cover.


That whole weekend Kenzie loved playing with her new Jessie.


The next day we went down to Danny’s and there was a huge Buzz stuffed doll.  Kenzie loved it so much Kalea was kind enough to give it to her!






Thank goodness we upgraded to a king sized bed!

Monday, April 20, 2015

Avery 2 Months

Dear Avery,

My little bean, you are 2 months old!  I don’t know why but this milestone snuck up on me. 


We have started to get into a pretty good routine.  You nurse every 3-4 hours and are much quicker now, only taking about 15 minutes.  This also makes for pretty good sleep since you are still averaging only 1 middle of the night wake up. 


Big sister Kenzie still loves interacting with you.  She’s definitely getting used to having you around and you love to stare at her when she’s talking to you.


We ventured out a little more going to our favorite sushi place often and even to Daddy’s triathlon.  You celebrated your 1st Easter and looked adorable in your outfit.


Can’t wait to see what month 3 holds for you!


Sunday, April 19, 2015

2015 LA Tri Series #2

Jeff had been wanting to do one more triathlon after his Half Ironman.  Thankfully there was a close one just 3 weeks after.  Shannon watched Kenzie since she has become a baby who sleeps in (thank GOD!). 

We got up super early and headed out to Bonelli Park.  Avery was the best spectating baby!  She slept most of the event!


Because of where we were parked, we were pretty limited to where we could spectate without crossing the course.  I was able to set up right at the swim finish to catch Jeff coming out of the water.  Originally Jeff thought his wave started at 8:30am but right at 8:00am I saw his swim group in the water!


Approximately 20 minutes later I caught him coming out of the water.


I had plans on setting up a blanket and chair to catch him on the run out and run in.  But just the day before a fire started in the area and the wind started to blow the smoke towards us.  Since Bean was with me, we spent most of our between time in the car snoozing. 

Because of this, I totally miscalculated Jeff’s times and barely caught him on his run in!  Missed him completely on his bike!



Jeff nailed it!  He did great!


1k Swim-22:49 / 34k Bike-1:14:43 / 8k Run-49:31, finishing 233rd out of 341.  He keeps saying he hates racing at Bonelli, the bike course is pretty rough.  But we’ll see! 

And a little peek of Kenzie’s Sunday morning…sure enough she slept in!

IMG953118 IMG_3120

Saturday, April 18, 2015


Kenzie goes through her Disney movies like going through diapers.  She has a new favorite almost every two weeks.  However, her newest favorite – Toy Story – is sticking around for awhile.  I dug out Kalea’s old Jessie costume and she loved wearing it!

20150418_172311 (1)

She even taught herself how to talk like Jessie!

Riverside Tamale Festival

Jeff had seen a notification about a Tamale Festival in Riverside and mentioned we should go.  Shannon went with us and we made the drive out.  The festival was in the park right by Mission Inn.  It was a pretty big event and had over 40 booths, a majority selling tamales.


We didn’t really know which one to pick so we walked towards the back where there was more shade and stood in one of the shorter lines. 



I got a pork tamale and a beef tamale, with some watermelon juice.  So good.


After eating, we headed towards the front where there were some more varieties of booths.  Jeff stood in line and got Kenzie and I a snow cone.


I love how relaxed she looks.  Just chillin and leaning on Mom.

IMG953112 IMG953113

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Six Kiddos

Back when we moved into our place in 2008, we were fortunate enough to have some great neighbors.  We became friends fast and have celebrated many milestones together.  When we all first met, none of us had kids. 

Now almost 7 years later, we each have 2 kids totaling 6 little ones!


It took us a few tries to get us all together, but I’m glad we finally caught up!  Love this group!


Saturday, April 11, 2015

My Little Niece

Birthday time! March and April are big birthday months in our family and this time it was this little girl’s!  Even though my babies are the youngest in the cousins, Mousie is still my baby niece!

crystal_solano_2015-04-13_01-58-36 crystal_solano_2015-04-13_12-08-21

This year she wanted to have a movie party.  Since Kenz and Avery are too young to sit still, we skipped the movie but joined up with them after for cake and ice cream.  Mousie had a special Kit Kat cake made just for her.  I wish I had a better picture, but couldn’t miss posting Hailey’s crazy eyes!



Hope your birthday was fun Mousie!!

Friday, April 10, 2015

Girls Day at Disneyland

Since Jeff always takes Kenzie to Disneyland on their own, I finally decided it was my turn!


A couple weeks ago, Shannon and I decided to head to Disneyland with Kenzie for a girls trip.  Auntie Sarah watched Avery (for the first time!) while we went.  I was a little sad leaving Avery behind, but she did great!


We went a different way and got lost, so ended up at the park around 9am.  It wasn’t too crowded but we knew it would be getting there soon since it was still spring break.  As soon as we got there we headed to Fantasyland but stopped for some pictures in front of the newly remodeled castle.




Kenz and I hopped on to Dumbo, my first time riding with her.  I’m not a fan of the ride.  I’ve decided that now.  She’ll ride with Jeff or Shannon from now on.


IMG959919 IMG957741

We headed over to the carousal next, a Kenzie favorite.

20150410_090205 IMG_3901

A lot of the rides were closed due to refurbishing for Disney’s anniversary coming up in May.  We did make it onto the Teacups and Small World.  Kenzie is so used to these rides, she tried to turn the teacup when we were on it.

20150410_090747 20150410_094527

I had a fun day with my sweet girl!  And below are a couple of pictures I found when Jeff went.  Too cute not to post!