Sunday, April 19, 2015

2015 LA Tri Series #2

Jeff had been wanting to do one more triathlon after his Half Ironman.  Thankfully there was a close one just 3 weeks after.  Shannon watched Kenzie since she has become a baby who sleeps in (thank GOD!). 

We got up super early and headed out to Bonelli Park.  Avery was the best spectating baby!  She slept most of the event!


Because of where we were parked, we were pretty limited to where we could spectate without crossing the course.  I was able to set up right at the swim finish to catch Jeff coming out of the water.  Originally Jeff thought his wave started at 8:30am but right at 8:00am I saw his swim group in the water!


Approximately 20 minutes later I caught him coming out of the water.


I had plans on setting up a blanket and chair to catch him on the run out and run in.  But just the day before a fire started in the area and the wind started to blow the smoke towards us.  Since Bean was with me, we spent most of our between time in the car snoozing. 

Because of this, I totally miscalculated Jeff’s times and barely caught him on his run in!  Missed him completely on his bike!



Jeff nailed it!  He did great!


1k Swim-22:49 / 34k Bike-1:14:43 / 8k Run-49:31, finishing 233rd out of 341.  He keeps saying he hates racing at Bonelli, the bike course is pretty rough.  But we’ll see! 

And a little peek of Kenzie’s Sunday morning…sure enough she slept in!

IMG953118 IMG_3120