Friday, April 24, 2015

Rainy Disney Day

Shannon and I wanted to take Kenzie to Disneyland one more time before I went back to work.  Unfortunately, we picked a rainy Friday.  When we first got to Disneyland it was just cloudy.  We headed to California Adventure first and got in line for Toy Story.


Kenzie loved it!  She’s very into Woody, Jessie and Buzz right now.  So much that Aunty Shannon got her a Jessie doll!

20150424_092651 20150424_112016

We went on a couple more rides and then headed over to Disneyland.  By now it had started to rain on and off and we had to stand under some shelter during the heavier downpours.  Shannon was even nice enough to buy a poncho for Kenzie’s stroller since I forgot the weather cover.


That whole weekend Kenzie loved playing with her new Jessie.


The next day we went down to Danny’s and there was a huge Buzz stuffed doll.  Kenzie loved it so much Kalea was kind enough to give it to her!






Thank goodness we upgraded to a king sized bed!