Saturday, April 18, 2015

Riverside Tamale Festival

Jeff had seen a notification about a Tamale Festival in Riverside and mentioned we should go.  Shannon went with us and we made the drive out.  The festival was in the park right by Mission Inn.  It was a pretty big event and had over 40 booths, a majority selling tamales.


We didn’t really know which one to pick so we walked towards the back where there was more shade and stood in one of the shorter lines. 



I got a pork tamale and a beef tamale, with some watermelon juice.  So good.


After eating, we headed towards the front where there were some more varieties of booths.  Jeff stood in line and got Kenzie and I a snow cone.


I love how relaxed she looks.  Just chillin and leaning on Mom.

IMG953112 IMG953113