Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Rusty Pelican

Last Thursday we had some home office guests visiting at work.  My boss decided it would be nice to treat the midwesterners to a Newport Beach dinner.  After work, we drove down to Newport Beach to have dinner at the Rusty Pelican.


I had never been but Jeff said it was really good.  We made reservations and got there early enough to be able to sit out on the patio with a view of the Marina.


I loved that they offered complimentary blankets while on the patio.  It got chilly once the sun started to set.  I had the crab bisque and crab cakes with green beans.  I don’t know why I didn’t take a picture but it was pretty good!

I can’t wait to go back with Jeff and next time, enjoy a glass of wine with my meal. 

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A little bit of company

This past Saturday I had some company.


C&C had to help Crystal’s sister move so the little nieces joined me for the day.  We hung out inside until it warmed up a bit and then hit the nearby tot lot to burn off all the excess sugar I gave the girls.  Winking smile


At one point Noelle really want to swing but since Hailey claimed the big girl swing, that meant she needed to be lifted into the kid swing.  She already knew I couldn’t lift her so we had to do some creative climbing to get her in.  She was a trooper!


After the swings I moved to a shaded part of the jungle gym and caught the girls running across the bridge and going up and down the stairs. 



They each took a rest break, not sure what they are both looking at.


At one point Hailey wanted to run across the bridge holding her sister’s hand.  Love that they are BFFs!!


Thanks for hanging out with me Hailey & Noelle!!

Monday, May 27, 2013

Nesting–33 Weeks

The nesting sensation has hit!  But it’s not me…


It’s Jeff!  He has been working hard to finish the downstairs painting so he could start on Kenzie’s room.  He finished late yesterday night, some “after pictures” are coming soon.


In between letting the paint dry, he went up to Kenzie’s room and painted the window sills with some fresh paint.  You can also see 2 swatches up on the walls for color.  Yes, we picked one of those…you should see which one next week.



What else is going on?

  • I treated myself to my first prenatal massage yesterday.  My hips have been killing so the masseuse focused on both sides and it felt so good!  (Note: actually Shannon treated me to the massage since it was a birthday present-thanks sister!)
  • After a stellar 6 weeks of testing my blood sugar, I’ve had 2 dinners in a row measure high.  Not sure if my hormones are changing or what but I really hope I can get it back to normal.
  • We have our hospital tour coming up on Wednesday so we know exactly where to go on the big day.
  • The baby shower is this upcoming weekend and I’m so looking forward to a piece of the cake celebrating with loved ones.  And who am I kidding, a piece of the cake!
  • I have 5 more weeks of work and then two weeks of rest before K’s due date.  Here’s hoping I can last through those 5 weeks of work!

Only 7 more weeks to go, see you next week!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

B & K do Hawaii

These little girls took their very first flight last week.  And where did they go?  To Hawaii!!


Last week Shannon, Danny and the girls made their way to Hawaii.  Here are the pics I’ve receive from S and D.  I’m so bummed we couldn’t make it but I know they are having a blast!

Per Shannon, both girls did great on the flight there.  The only mishap was when Kalea spilled her soda on herself during the last hour.  You can see her sitting on a blanket in the picture below.


IMG_2999 IMG958025

Getting ready for their first Hawaii beach trip.

IMG958184 IMG_0547

At the Dole Plantation, they did the “world’s largest maze”.  Kalea was over it in about a half an hour.  You can tell by her posture and set mouth that she was not happy!


At the buffet.

IMG955607 IMG_2607

And yesterday at their Luau.  Like father like daughter.


Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Baby School–32 Weeks

This last weekend Jeff and I headed over to the hospital to attend Childbirth Preparation classes.  It was a two day class, for 4 hours each day.  The instructor was a certified doula who went over different laboring positions, breathing exercises, and some medical assistance information (epidurals, narcotics, c-sections). 

It was a ton of information to absorb in two days, but it was definitely an eye opener.  The information will help Jeff and I make a more educate decision when it comes to the big day.

One of my favorite laboring positions was on a medicine ball.  It felt so comfortable to sit on, we went out and bought one after the first day.


What else is going on:

  • We have our hospital tour next week where we get to visit the labor and delivery rooms.  I’m getting nervous!
  • I’ve entered into the uncomfortable stage of the last trimester.  My stomach aches from Kenzie’s constant kicking & stretching. 
  • Did you know a woman’s brain shrinks by 30% when she’s pregnant?  Now I feel less bad when I totally blank out on things.
  • Only 8 more weeks till K’s due date & 6 more weeks of work!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Little Ham

Last Thursday Jeff and I headed to Food Truck Thursday.  Dad, C&C and the little nieces all joined us.  This was probably one of the best turnouts so far.  They had a grilled cheese truck, an Argentinian food truck and an ice cream sandwich food truck. 

Crystal took the below pictures of Hailey & Noelle…I think it represents their personalities perfectly. 


Noelle entertained me while we waited for the food.  She’s such a ham. 

photo 2photo 5

And just because these are too cute not to share (and Shannon missed out since she’s in, you know, Hawaii). 


Saturday, May 18, 2013

Go-pher it Chole!!

We’ve had a major gopher problem in our community park.  The gopher has basically destroyed half of the grassy area by digging holes and killing the grass.  One person dog that doesn’t mind…Chloe. 

She has become increasingly more terrier when it comes to her walk and sniffing out this gopher.  She’s taken to just staring at a hole where she can smell him and occasionally digging at the hole in attempts to get the gopher. 

photo 1

I don’t know what she’d do if she saw him or caught him, but hopefully for our grass, he leaves sooner than later!

Friday, May 17, 2013

Momma Gets an A+-31 Weeks

I wrote this post this past Monday but forgot to post it before I left for Sacramento.  A little late, but here you go!

I’m going to take a moment to pat myself on my back.  The nurse at my doctor’s said since I was doing such a good job on my new diet and testing, I could go down from 4 daily tests to 2!  Oh yeah!  The overachiever in me had to call Jeff immediately to brag. 

You may have noticed in the picture below that there is a new piece of furniture in the baby’s room (on the left side of the picture). 


Sometime this week Jeff sat down and put together Kenz’s dresser.  The reviews all said it was going to take forever so he split it up between 2 days and 2 six packs.  Winking smile



Chloe and I stood off in the sidelines to cheer him on.


And then she needed some cuddles.  Smile


What else is going on?

  • This week is my last flight while pregnant.  Cross your fingers it’s a smooth flight.
  • My abs have been sore from Kenz’s constant kicking/moving.  Jeff did me a solid and rubbed my stomach muscles…felt so good!
  • I’m nervous that my first trimester nausea is returning.  Two days this last week I felt so nauseous in the afternoon I thought for sure I was going to revisit my porcelain friend. 

Only 9 more weeks to go!  See you next week.  Smile

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Leaving on a jet plane

Today our two eldest nieces boarded their plane for their very first Hawaii!! The whole time they thought they were going to San Francisco to see my mom. So they were a bit confused when they were told they were going to Hawaii instead. I'm told they did GREAT on the plane with only one accident when Kalea dumped her whole soda on her lap. Oops. I know they will have a blast and can't wait to hear about their fun times. (Grrr...blogger is not letting me upload a picture when I blog directly through them. I miss my Live Writer.) PS I forgot to post Mac's 31 week update...only 9 more weeks to go!!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Chino Air Show 2013

As soon as we came home from Jeff’s Half Marathon, he decided to go hang out in the Jacuzzi to help his sore legs.  He had some good entertainment since the Chino Air Show was going on at the same time. 





This plane looks like it was going to land on top of the neighbor’s house!


Jeff stayed out until the bubbles turned off. 


As we were walking back into the house, the two planes below came out and flew around together.



And then Jeff crashed on the couch with Chloe for a much deserved nap. Smile