Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A little bit of company

This past Saturday I had some company.


C&C had to help Crystal’s sister move so the little nieces joined me for the day.  We hung out inside until it warmed up a bit and then hit the nearby tot lot to burn off all the excess sugar I gave the girls.  Winking smile


At one point Noelle really want to swing but since Hailey claimed the big girl swing, that meant she needed to be lifted into the kid swing.  She already knew I couldn’t lift her so we had to do some creative climbing to get her in.  She was a trooper!


After the swings I moved to a shaded part of the jungle gym and caught the girls running across the bridge and going up and down the stairs. 



They each took a rest break, not sure what they are both looking at.


At one point Hailey wanted to run across the bridge holding her sister’s hand.  Love that they are BFFs!!


Thanks for hanging out with me Hailey & Noelle!!