Wednesday, May 22, 2013

B & K do Hawaii

These little girls took their very first flight last week.  And where did they go?  To Hawaii!!


Last week Shannon, Danny and the girls made their way to Hawaii.  Here are the pics I’ve receive from S and D.  I’m so bummed we couldn’t make it but I know they are having a blast!

Per Shannon, both girls did great on the flight there.  The only mishap was when Kalea spilled her soda on herself during the last hour.  You can see her sitting on a blanket in the picture below.


IMG_2999 IMG958025

Getting ready for their first Hawaii beach trip.

IMG958184 IMG_0547

At the Dole Plantation, they did the “world’s largest maze”.  Kalea was over it in about a half an hour.  You can tell by her posture and set mouth that she was not happy!


At the buffet.

IMG955607 IMG_2607

And yesterday at their Luau.  Like father like daughter.