Monday, May 6, 2013

“Owl” Always Love You!!-30 Weeks

I cannot believe we are three fourths through this pregnancy!  Pretty soon our little girl will be here!!  As part of getting ready for her, we finally made it to a fabric store to pick up some fabric for curtains.  Essentially this pattern would determine the theme of the room, color, etc. 

We narrowed it down to two choices.  One is Jeff’s and one is mine.  Any guesses which is who’s?


Since we were torn, we texted Crystal, Shannon and my mom (who I for sure thought would be a pick on my side!) for their vote.  Guess who won, with all 3 votes…


Jeff won.  Cue the violin music for my fabric choice.  We are thinking about painting the walls a light pear green and using the two different pinks as accents.  We’ll see!!

Weekly Randoms:

  • Man I miss me some carbs!  I would pay good money (if it didn’t hurt Kenz) for some waffles, a strawberry shake and chocolate chip cookies.
  • I took Kenz on a small run while I was spectating at Jeff’s race yesterday.  It felt glorious and I cannot wait to start running again. 
  • Braxton Hicks…yep I got them!  I’ve only had them twice and it freaked me out!
  • Today Jeff and I are walking like twins, he’s sore and I’m huge!
  • Only 1 more flight to go before I hang up my traveling wings for the rest of this pregnancy.
  • 30 days until the baby shower-invites have been sent and people are already RSVPing, getting excited.