Friday, May 3, 2013

A Different Anniversary

Yesterday was Jeff & I celebrated 4 years of wedded bliss! 

Usually every year we try to go away to celebrate.  For our first and second anniversary we went back to the scene of the crime Redondo Beach to celebrate.  Last year we broke tradition and headed out to Palm Springs.

This year…we stayed home.  And put together a crib, haha.  We made the decision to stay local this year for lots of reasons and had a much more subdued celebration.  We spent the morning being lazy and then head out to a movie and Japanese food.  Once we got home Jeff got started on the crib. 


And Chloe tried to help…until she decided she’d rather lay down and sleep. 


The finished product!!  It’s a lot bigger than I expected but I love the white and dark wood combo.


Even though we stayed local this year, it was still a special day for Jeff and I!!  I love you babe!!!