Friday, May 4, 2012

Palm Springs Aerial Tramway

We’re here!!  For our 3rd wedding anniversary, Jeff and I decided to celebrate in Palm Springs.  I’ve never been and Jeff hasn’t been in years so we both figured it would be a close to home, warm weather getaway. 

We made reservations at the Alcazar Hotel after seeing it in the LA Times as an upcoming hotel.  The rooms were recently remodeled and Jeff knew someone who highly recommended the hotel.


Unfortunately, we weren’t the only ones who the hotel appealed to.  When we checked into our hotel, we were told that a law firm had rented the entire hotel and our reservation had been cancelled.  Say what?!? 

We had booked through Expedia and I received a confirmation email yesterday confirming my reservation.  I showed the front desk my email (thank goodness for smart phones) and she went to get someone higher up to deal with us. 

The manager came out and told us they had made a mistake and didn’t remove the unbooked rooms, way back in January when I made our reservations.  When they had realized their mistake in March, the hotel had transferred all non-law firm reservations to their sister hotel, the Los Arboles Hotel.  They had contacted Expedia, who in return failed to contact us. 

And that is how we went from having an all white, modern hotel room to a old Spanish-California themed room. 




The room is okay.  What you would expect a typical Palm Springs hotel to look like.  Although there was one weird area in our room that we couldn’t figure out what it was. 


At first I thought it was some type of separate shower.  But there was no nozzle.  Then I looked to see if it was a sauna, but no bench.  When I called Jeff over, he looked around too and we came to the conclusion…it must be a room to spray on your sunscreen.  What else could it be?


When Jeff went out for ice, he found out it is a sauna in the making.  The hotel is adding them to the rooms and are about 2 weeks away from completion.  Darn it, missed it by 2 weeks! 

Our room also has a small little patio.  It faces the parking lot, since our door faces the pool.  But it’s sort of private and still a nice touch. 


After settling into our room, Jeff and I got back into the car to make our way to the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway.  We had received tickets from Jeff’s mom a few years back and this was one of the deciding points to make Palm Springs our getaway. 




We made the short trip from our hotel to the tramway.



Once we were loaded onto the tram, we began our ascent to the top of the mountain.




Halfway up, we passed the other tram that was going down the mountain. 



Once we made it to the top, we headed to their restaurant for food.  It was just okay.  If you go, eat at the cheaper cafeteria instead. 


After our meal, we headed out side to walk around the state park. 


We saw a squirrel run across our path.  It had a huge tick on it.  So sad.  Sad smile


The little nature hike was pretty nice.  It was quiet and you could hear the winds coming through the trees. 


Jeff showed his true colors…tree hugger. 









Thank you Jeff for such a nice day!