Monday, May 28, 2012

A Memorial “Barbie Cube”

Happy Memorial Day!


Yesterday we celebrated the holiday with family and food.  What was on the menu?  If you asked Hailey a “barbie cube”.  Don’t worry, no barbies were harmed in the making of our meal.

Jeff barbequed some chicken and made some potato salad to go with it.  After lunch the girls danced to some chipmunks while Noelle did something.  Hmm…


Crystal made dessert – vanilla yogurt with fruit in a waffle cone.  This was really good.  The pineapple was sweet and paired well with the yogurt! 


The nieces enjoyed it as well.  Smile




And how we finished our day…the girls pile on top me to play on my phone.  I’m no match against 3 young girls. 


Thank you to all those who have made the ultimate sacrifice to serve our country!