Sunday, May 6, 2012

Getting our drinco on

Happy Cinco de Mayo!!  Yesterday, Jeff and I decided to celebrate this Mexican celebration by walking through downtown Palm Springs.

The first place we stopped at was Azul.  It looked like a cute place with a nice happy hour.  And then we realized it catered more to a male/male couples than a diverse group.  Ha.  At one point, this guy was hassling his boyfriend for a kiss and the boyfriend was NOT HAVING ANY OF IT. 

Our next stop was the big tourist attraction – Las Casuelas Terraza.  We were warned it was going to be a mad house because of Cinco de Mayo, but we lucked out and seriously walked up to two empty chairs at the bar. 


We were seated after about an hour wait and the food was pretty good.  Better than what we had anticipated after hearing from some locals. 

Since the sun was setting and the temps were cooling down, Jeff and I decided to walk the 1 mile walk home.  You can tell that while we were heading in, people were just starting to head out.


On the way back, we saw one of our favorite comedians’ star. 


When we got back to our room, we watched some TV and about 9pm started hearing some loud banging.  It sounded like someone was moving furniture around in the room next to us.  Until Jeff opened the door.  Surprise!  Fireworks!




It was a nice way to end the night!