Monday, July 25, 2016

September Fun

I can’t get over how much more “baby” Kenzie and Avery looked almost a year ago!

I’m already dreading her teenage years.


Bean was such a happy baby.  She’d fall asleep anywhere and let her sister pile toys on her without complaint.


She was also very good at feeding herself early on.  This makes total sense knowing how much she loves to eat now!

jeffs iphone 9-27-15 146jeffs iphone 9-27-15 147

We said good-bye to these sweet kiddos, but are so happy they are back!!

jeffs iphone 9-27-15 156

And some other random cuteness!  Two little girls definitely keep us on our toes!

jeffs iphone 9-27-15 158

jeffs iphone 9-27-15 160jeffs iphone 9-27-15 163

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Happy Bubble Birthday

We’re BACK!  And with a special update – this little girl turned 3 last weekend!!


I cannot believe how much time has gone by!  It’s exciting to see her growing up.  She is all about Bubble Guppies (and cats, and Frozen, and Paw Patrol and Ariel) so a Guppie party it was!  Thankfully there were a ton of ides on pinterest.


We kept it small (since our house is tiny-hopefully a different story next year!) and only my siblings and Jeff’s mom came over.





Happy Birthday my sweet girl! 

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Summer Days

Playing catch up!  I can’t believe this was almost 1 year ago.  Our girls look so little, Avery didn’t even have teeth!


We loved spending special time with just Kenzie at Disneyland.  And she loved going on the rides and meeting the princesses!


We also loved walking down to our local farmer’s market (no longer around this year!) although Avery and Kenz didn’t enjoy the crowded ride!


And I honestly can’t remember where taken but my little Bean is adorable!


Saturday, August 22, 2015

Happy 1st Birthday Dempsey!

The youngest boy, and the first in the mix of a ton of girls, turned 1 so it was time to celebrate! 

iphone 5 pictures 8-23-15 030

Since he was fortunate enough to be born in the summer, a pool party was the perfect thing!  The backyard was decorated so fun! 

iphone 5 pictures 8-23-15 009iphone 5 pictures 8-23-15 010

iphone 5 pictures 8-23-15 020iphone 5 pictures 8-23-15 024

They had a station to make paper leis and even a photo booth to take pictures on surfboards.  Kenzie’s still learning how to surf.  Winking smile

iphone 5 pictures 8-23-15 025

iphone 5 pictures 8-23-15 047iphone 5 pictures 8-23-15 011iphone 5 pictures 8-23-15 019

iphone 5 pictures 8-23-15 031iphone 5 pictures 8-23-15 032

The pool was perfect to cool down from the heat.  We bought Kenzie a new life jacket, she loved being able to “swim” on her own.

iphone 5 pictures 8-23-15 038

When it came to cake, Dempsey knew exactly what to do. 

iphone 5 pictures 8-23-15 084

As we were headed out, Uncle Chad took Avery for a quick dip.  She loved splashing her feet in the water.

iphone 5 pictures 8-23-15 089iphone 5 pictures 8-23-15 091

We had so much fun, we were tired after!  Happy Birthday Dempsey!!

iphone 5 pictures 8-23-15 078