Saturday, November 25, 2017

Halloween 2017

This year I let the girls pick what they wanted to be and Kenzie chose a black cat while Avery was more challenging, picking Sylveon…a Pokemon.

I quickly made it more complicating (of course) and also let them choose a different costume for school.  Kenzie chose a my little pony and Bean picked (was convinced) Jessie from Toy Story. 

IMG_5578IMG_5592 IMG_5601

At work we landed on Disney Heroes and Villians…guess which I was…


We normally go to our friends’ house to trick or treat but we decided to stay close to home since it was a school night.  Grandma stayed home to pass out candies in her Minion costume. 


IMG_5605 IMG_5608 IMG_5613

The girls had a blast, ate too much candy and went to bed late.  A true Halloween success! 

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Tempe 70.3

This year Jeff decided to try a different Half Ironman location and Arizona was close enough and similar training conditions to be the winner!  We all headed out for the long weekend and Shannon joined us last minute. 


Driving with 2 kiddos, in the middle of the day while they are wide awake and one of them potty training was no easy feat.  We ended up stopping at the nearest Walmart to buy a training potty since Avery decided ALL public restrooms were terrifying.

We got there the first day and settled into our hotel.  The girls were bouncing off the walls with pent up energy from the car ride.  The next day we walked down to check Jeff in. 


We stayed right in Tempe, maybe 1/2 mile from the Ironman site and in the middle of college town.  It was a great area that had a lot of restaurant options. 

The next morning, I got up bright and early to walk Jeff down to the start, watch his swim and then catch him going out on his bike.  The way they set up the route was really great.  There were spots that you could stay at and catch your athlete 2-3 times in a short time frame. 



I met Shannon back at the hotel for breakfast and to wrangle the girls down to the Ironman Village to catch Jeff at the end of his bike.  Shannon got a really good video of Jeff going by.  And then we caught him again as he did his turnaround. 

We headed back for lunch and to put Avery down for her nap and then Kenzie and I walked down to catch Jeff at the finish line.  This finish line was a lot different than Oceanside, it was pretty empty and we were able to walk right up to the finish chute and get a good shot of Jeff running in. 


The weather this weekend was about 10 degrees hotter than expected and Jeff had a tough training schedule due to work, kids schedules and the never ending list of things to do.  He did awesome and finished in under 7 hours! 


I’m super proud of my Half Ironman…and he’s already got Oceanside 70.3 on the calendar for next year!

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Welcome Madelyn!

There’s a new little girl in the family.  On Tuesday evening, we welcomed the newest Solano into the world.  She is littlest but not the smallest.  She may be the biggest of the granddaughters weighing 9lbs and 12ozs when she was born.


She’s such a cutie.  Especially with her pirate eye look.  Who needs to open both eyes when one is good enough. 


Eventually she got the hang of opening both eyes.


We can’t wait to watch her learn new things and grow up!  Welcome sweet Maddie Lou!

Monday, July 25, 2016

September Fun

I can’t get over how much more “baby” Kenzie and Avery looked almost a year ago!

I’m already dreading her teenage years.


Bean was such a happy baby.  She’d fall asleep anywhere and let her sister pile toys on her without complaint.


She was also very good at feeding herself early on.  This makes total sense knowing how much she loves to eat now!

jeffs iphone 9-27-15 146jeffs iphone 9-27-15 147

We said good-bye to these sweet kiddos, but are so happy they are back!!

jeffs iphone 9-27-15 156

And some other random cuteness!  Two little girls definitely keep us on our toes!

jeffs iphone 9-27-15 158

jeffs iphone 9-27-15 160jeffs iphone 9-27-15 163

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Happy Bubble Birthday

We’re BACK!  And with a special update – this little girl turned 3 last weekend!!


I cannot believe how much time has gone by!  It’s exciting to see her growing up.  She is all about Bubble Guppies (and cats, and Frozen, and Paw Patrol and Ariel) so a Guppie party it was!  Thankfully there were a ton of ides on pinterest.


We kept it small (since our house is tiny-hopefully a different story next year!) and only my siblings and Jeff’s mom came over.





Happy Birthday my sweet girl!