Monday, July 25, 2016

September Fun

I can’t get over how much more “baby” Kenzie and Avery looked almost a year ago!

I’m already dreading her teenage years.


Bean was such a happy baby.  She’d fall asleep anywhere and let her sister pile toys on her without complaint.


She was also very good at feeding herself early on.  This makes total sense knowing how much she loves to eat now!

jeffs iphone 9-27-15 146jeffs iphone 9-27-15 147

We said good-bye to these sweet kiddos, but are so happy they are back!!

jeffs iphone 9-27-15 156

And some other random cuteness!  Two little girls definitely keep us on our toes!

jeffs iphone 9-27-15 158

jeffs iphone 9-27-15 160jeffs iphone 9-27-15 163