Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Tour, Fido and Food

While Jeff and I were picking up our car on Thursday, we noticed the dealership had VIP tickets out for their customers.  The VIP event – A Pet Expo and Food Truck Event at the Ontario Convention Center.  We grabbed enough tickets for everyone and then planned out our day. 

It just so happened that the Tour De California was starting at the convention center only an hour after the expo started.  The tour is an 8 day/leg event that starts up north in San Francisco and ends down here in LA.  Today’s leg started in Ontario and ended in Mt. Baldy.  We got there right as it was opening and walked over to the Tour’s set up. 




Right before the bikers started I looked left and realized that the street was packed!  There were so many people here and Jeff said it was still nothing compared to what the finish line would look like. 


And then they were off!

After the bikers made their start, we walked through the Expo outside and stopped to eat at some of the food trucks.  They had this huge pool that dogs were taking turns jumping in to catch toys being thrown. 



We tried some chicken fry bread and then Shannon and I split some lobster ceviche from the below truck. 



After a few snacks we headed into the indoors portion of the expo.  It was pretty small (and smelled like dog) but they had some cool stuff.  One of the booths was a wolf group that had baby wolves.


And an adult wolf.  He was so good, and kids were even allowed to pet it. 


After making our rounds, we headed back out for one more snack.  Shannon and I got cupcakes from the cupcake truck and Jeff got a Cuban sandwich from another truck.



Oh, yeah – those VIP tickets, we never even had to pull them out.  The entire event was free admission.  Way to make it seem like you were “special”.