Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Hurricane of Heroic Hope

I have almost cried no less than 3 times today.

1.  One of my work friends told me she was pregnant.  Nothing like knowing a little miracle is on it’s way.  #cuethewaterworks

2.  I was trying to find the “naked zombie” story on yahoo and came across a story about a recent Yale graduate who died in a car crash.  She wrote a story for her paper that gained a lot of attention after her death.  After commencement I was so excited for the possibilities of life.  Knowing she no longer has the opportunity to experience that is so sad.  #andyesnakedzombiesdoexist 

3.  Jeff and I were watching Restaurant Impossible and an old 2011 episode was on.  It was about an 80 year old woman who runs a soup kitchen, had a broken arm but was still cooking in her crap kitchen.  Robert Irvine came in to redo the kitchen so it would better serve those in need.  The mayor came out to check on the project and called Chef Irvine a Hurricane of Heroic Hope.  He went into that rundown kitchen and in two days made some major changes to continue to feed those that were hungry.  #imanemotionalwreck

Jeff and I went for a hike yesterday and he didn’t leave me on the trail!  Pictures to come.  Smile