Monday, May 27, 2013

Nesting–33 Weeks

The nesting sensation has hit!  But it’s not me…


It’s Jeff!  He has been working hard to finish the downstairs painting so he could start on Kenzie’s room.  He finished late yesterday night, some “after pictures” are coming soon.


In between letting the paint dry, he went up to Kenzie’s room and painted the window sills with some fresh paint.  You can also see 2 swatches up on the walls for color.  Yes, we picked one of those…you should see which one next week.



What else is going on?

  • I treated myself to my first prenatal massage yesterday.  My hips have been killing so the masseuse focused on both sides and it felt so good!  (Note: actually Shannon treated me to the massage since it was a birthday present-thanks sister!)
  • After a stellar 6 weeks of testing my blood sugar, I’ve had 2 dinners in a row measure high.  Not sure if my hormones are changing or what but I really hope I can get it back to normal.
  • We have our hospital tour coming up on Wednesday so we know exactly where to go on the big day.
  • The baby shower is this upcoming weekend and I’m so looking forward to a piece of the cake celebrating with loved ones.  And who am I kidding, a piece of the cake!
  • I have 5 more weeks of work and then two weeks of rest before K’s due date.  Here’s hoping I can last through those 5 weeks of work!

Only 7 more weeks to go, see you next week!