Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Baby School–32 Weeks

This last weekend Jeff and I headed over to the hospital to attend Childbirth Preparation classes.  It was a two day class, for 4 hours each day.  The instructor was a certified doula who went over different laboring positions, breathing exercises, and some medical assistance information (epidurals, narcotics, c-sections). 

It was a ton of information to absorb in two days, but it was definitely an eye opener.  The information will help Jeff and I make a more educate decision when it comes to the big day.

One of my favorite laboring positions was on a medicine ball.  It felt so comfortable to sit on, we went out and bought one after the first day.


What else is going on:

  • We have our hospital tour next week where we get to visit the labor and delivery rooms.  I’m getting nervous!
  • I’ve entered into the uncomfortable stage of the last trimester.  My stomach aches from Kenzie’s constant kicking & stretching. 
  • Did you know a woman’s brain shrinks by 30% when she’s pregnant?  Now I feel less bad when I totally blank out on things.
  • Only 8 more weeks till K’s due date & 6 more weeks of work!