Sunday, May 5, 2013

OC Half Marathon 2013

Also known as PR city for Jeff!!


Today Jeff ran the OC Half Marathon, the second half of the Beach Cities Challenge.  Yesterday we headed down to Costa Mesa to pick up his bib and browse through the expo.




The expo was pretty organized and Jeff scored with some awesome orange ProCompression socks & compression sleeves.  After we headed out for some Chronic Taco for dinner and then back to Jack and Cari’s for an early turn in.

This morning we woke up around 4:45am and left the house close to 5:45am.  The plan was to drop off Jeff, J & C and Molly close to the start and then I would park and wait for them at the finish.  We made it to the area around 6:00am and I left my little group of runners with a “good luck”.  They took the below pics while they were waiting for the start. 



Molly did such a good job photo bombing the above picture that the guy taking it actually went up to her after and said he would email it to her.  I love how serious she looks in it. 

I hung out in the car for about an hour and then made may way over to the Half finish line.  I was tracking Jeff to try to catch him coming in but at the last minute turned to the girl who was literally pressed up against my back (like body to body) to make a snarky remark and almost missed him!  Can you find him in the pic below?


There he is. 


And one more of him running it in.  He looked so much stronger finishing this half vs Surf City.  I could tell those long runs really paid off. 


Unfortunately I missed everyone else finishing since I was so focused on not losing Jeff.  We saw Cari finish but I missed her in the picture I took.  We waited to find Molly (who came in between Jeff and Cari) and then reunited with Jack. 


I could not be prouder of the husband!!  You can see that he did not make it out totally unscathed. 



Poor guy.  Although for his efforts…he finished with an 8 minute PR!!!


We headed out for some Mexican food to celebrate the finish and Cinco De Mayo!  Margarita time for the win!


Congrats to Jeff, Jack, Cari and Molly for completing your second half marathon!! 

And a special congrats to the husband.  I could not be more prouder of you for finishing strong.  Love you babe!!!