Friday, April 5, 2013

Babymoon: SF Edition

Thursday morning we woke up early, packed up the car and hit the road for San Francisco.  Since we had cut the trip north in half, we only had a 3 hour trip in front of us…so nice!!

As soon as we arrived we decided to try a new to us restaurant, the Presidio Social Club. 



At first the menu didn’t look that appetizing and I ended up settling for the grilled cheese and tomato soup.  Luckily it was the BEST tomato soup ever and I declared this was a must visit every time we go to SF.  Later that night, we celebrated my birthday with some cake. 


We kept it low key while we were in SF.  Lots of walking to look for baby stuff and niecie stuff.  While we were there we popped into Macys and they were having a huge flower show.  They had a ton of gorgeous displays inside the store. 


We had a couple of days of dreary weather while we were there and one night the fog started to roll in really early.  You couldn’t even see the the top of the hill from my mom’s patio.



Our last day up there, we made some homemade pizza and it was so good I had to snap a picture. 



We ended up staying until Monday and hit the road around 10am.  The trip back had me worried since it was going to be a long one without any breaks.  I ended up getting super uncomfortable about 5 hours in and could not wait to just get out of the car.

It was a fun babymoon…now we just have 15 more weeks until Kenzie makes her debut!!