Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Front Patio

One of the most neglected areas of our home has been our front patio.  Our original plan was to lay down pavers but it seemed like the expense always got trumped with something else (broken washing machine, new car, vacation…).  So very recently it began to look like this:

A large pile of dirt/sand, lots of weeds, the random can of *ahem* beer and I’m sure a piece or two of cat poo.  Finally, in a fit of pregnancy hormones I broke down and said, we have to get it finished.  So we changed plans and decided to lay down pebbles versus the pavers.


The longest part of this project was leveling out the sand.  Jeff did that in maybe 2 weeks and today he bought the rest of the supplies.  First step after leveling out the sand was to lay the weed blocker. 



The next step was to start pouring the pebbles and then leveling them out to a thin layer. 



Unfortunately we ran out of pebbles about half way through.  Poor Jeff had to leave and buy some more rocks.  He was back in under an hour and then finished pouring out everything.



I think it turned out great!!  The only part left is the other side of the walkway.  Jeff has plans to pull up those pavers, plant a palm and then finish it off with more pebbles. 


Jeff trying to describe the palm… Smile


I’m so thankful for Jeff working hard on getting this done!  He is exhausted since he woke up early and ran 9.3 miles this morning!! 

Thanks babe, you’re the best!