Monday, April 15, 2013

The Orange Drink-27 Weeks

Another week, another update!  Depending on which source you use, this is either my 1st week of the 3rd trimester or my last week of the 2nd trimester.  We’ll go with last week of the 2nd…holds off the delivery one more week.  Winking smile

The big event this week was my gestational diabetes test.  You hear enough horror stories about the orange syrup that I was so not looking forward to it.  I was told to fast from midnight on and showed up at the lab on Friday for my 8:30am appointment.  I was promptly taken back for a blood draw and then given a 10oz bottle of orange drink and instructions to finish it in 5 minutes. 


It actually wasn’t bad at all and I’m a little embarrassed I was dreading it so much.  It tasted like a slightly sweeter, flat orange soda.  It helped a lot that it was super cold.  I had to drink the liquid and come back on the hour for the next two hours.  They did a blood draw each time, making my arms look like a pin cushion. 

It was pretty painless and I met Shannon for lunch immediately after.  Not too bad.  I should find out the results by my next doctor’s appointment. 

What else is going on?

  • Total Weight Gained – 9lbs
  • Kenzie is kicking a ton and oddly enough, will immediately calm down if Jeff talks to her.  We joke that he’s already had to scold her while she’s in utero.
  • Jeff can also feel the baby more this week, her kicks/punches are getting stronger!
  • My belly button…is it going to pop?  I say no, that thing is as deep as the grand canyon.  Haha…don’t know why this just popped up in my mind.
  • We got 2 of the 3 boxes for our dresser!! (The 3rd is due today).  Now we just need to still clean out the baby’s room, paint and then assemble and put in the dresser and crib. 
  • Placenta thoughts – I was totally on board about encapsulating my placenta to ingest after deliver.  And then I made the mistake of watching someone prepare their own and I’m totally having second thoughts…to eat it or not…that is the question.

And to share with you what my view has been this week…


See you next week…only 13 more to go!