Sunday, September 23, 2012

Fraser-Showalter Reunion

Jeff and I spent the afternoon in the OC at his family’s 1st Fraser-Showalter Family Reunion.  The original Showalters were Hollis (Jeff’s grandpa), Patricia and Frank.  The Frasers were his Aunt Pat’s husband’s side of the family.  Whew!  Does that make sense?

There were roughly 50 of us at his Aunt Linda & Uncle Rick’s house (Pat’s kids).  The eldest on there was Jeff’s great Uncle Frank, the only survivor of the 3 original Showalters. 


It was good times meeting a TON of extended family.  Each family was assigned a color.  Pat’s family was in blue, Frank’s in red and Hollis’ in green. 



His Uncle Rod (Pat’s husband) is the founder of Don Jose’s and Ricardo’s, the family continues the family business even now.  It was a nice way to spend the day!