Tuesday, September 18, 2012


I hung out with Hailey and Noelle for a bit after work until Aunty Shannon arrived.  I swear Shannon gives them candy because as soon as they see me, they go “where’s Aunty Shannon?”

Hailey was showing me her hat she made at church while Noelle kept referring to herself as Noellie. 


While I was serving Noelle her dinner Hailey kept saying she wasn’t hungry.  Until we sat down and then she mowed down on my chips.  When I mentioned if she was hungry I could serve her the food her mom made, she replied “no chips are fine”.  Ha!


After dinner we moved to the living room to watch “baby” Wall-E and Hailey finally ate her dinner.


Right before I left I was teasing Hailey and then winked at her.  She looked confused so I told her a wink is like saying “just kidding”.  C&C if she starts blinking rapidly at you…she’s winking.